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  • alt text
    I beg you,🙏 please, return the little "Video in a separate window" button back.
    A huge button with a description of its action, overlaps the video player controls, and also violates the design of the page. On pages where the video is embedded in the banner, this button now overlaps the site navigation.
    I understand that, perhaps, this was done specifically for novice users, and you do not want to remove the description of this button.
    Therefore, I suggest that you leave the description of the button, but give the user the opportunity to remove it once and for all after getting acquainted with its function, and add an item in the settings that is responsible for displaying the description of the button.

    Translated by Google Translate.

    Best regards, dedicated user.✍🏻

  • @LeonSadeness What exactly are you talking about? There is no mobile version of Opera GX and the desktop version still has the PIP button.

  • @leocg Did I say she's not there?

    • list itemThe Picture-in-Picture button now takes up a lot of space. If you pay attention to the screenshot that I left in the question, you will see that the button now contains text that enlarges the container of the button, from which the PIP button now crawls out of the video, sometimes overlapping the controls located on the site itself.

    • list itemAlso, if you read my question carefully, even with an incorrect translation, I explained quite clearly that the settings lack the ability to reduce this button by hiding its text content.

    • list itemAlso, pay attention to the fact that in standard Opera this button takes up minimal space, because it is made in the form of a circle with an icon, and no more.

    alt text

  • @LeonSadeness It always worked that way. Usually the text goes away within time.

    Here, for example, I don't see any text on the button.

  • @leocg Okay,
    then please tell me how can I close this floating window on the Twich stream service if the "close" button is overlapped by the PIP button?
    P.S. In a normal opera, the PIP button is normal. Check your arguments.

    alt text

  • @LeonSadeness It's a different issue that has nothing to do with your request. You should open a new topic to report/discuss it.

  • @leocg This is a rhetorical question, as there is no answer to it. I cannot send an event to a control that is covered by the PIP button. And this question only underlines the main theme of this this discussion.

  • @LeonSadeness The point is that you are requesting something that already exists.

  • @leocg I am not asking to remove the button, and I am not asking to add it. And I know that the button already exists, and existed in previous versions. I am asking you to fix the button, make it smaller, with optional customization. If the programmer who wrote this button quit and left behind an unreadable code, then say so - "We can't fix". Otherwise, I see no problem adding an option to select the button size.
    If you think a button that overlaps controls is the norm, say so - "We believe this PIP button is an innovative UX / UI solution."
    I do not insist, just be clear, because you see what the problem is.

  • @LeonSadeness Based on you image, it happens because of the onboarding text, something that usually goes way a few days after the installation.

  • @leocg The button normalizes after being clicked, but becomes large again after refreshing the page. You have to constantly press it, even when it is completely unnecessary, just for the sake of making it small.
    I am not asking to fix this right now. But at least just know that this control is a lot of inconvenience in its current state.

    I have nothing more to say. Thank you for your attention.