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AdBlocker Ultimate 3.7.6 Not working Properly After Installing. (Full Details Included!)

  • Well, this is my 1st post here so I figured I'll make it a good one. Someone is bound to help anyway. 😉

    AdBlocker Ultimate 3.7.6 Not working Properly After Installing. The extension isn't working after installing to Opera GX. But here is the odd thing that I'm a little pissed off about: If you search in the Opera Add-Ons/Extensions, the version that is offered there is 2.23 while the Chrome Web Store has a more up-to-date version: 3.7.6. So since the older version of the extension got installed & I wasn't too happy about that, I uninstalled it & used the Install Chrome Extensions tool to download & install the more recently updated version to Opera. It was able to do so. But right after it was done, it said it was disabled. I attempted to enable it, but it looks like it already is if I go to view my extensions. And I've also noticed that it's not doing its job at ad-blocking. I should also mention that when I go to my AdBlocker Ultimate settings, it will take me there, but when I try clicking anything on the page, it won't do anything! Seems like it might be a bug or minor compatibility issue...? I'll let the pros voice their opinions on that.

    But I'm wondering if uninstalling it & then reinstalling the newer version might fix this issue, or should I do something a little more advanced if I want it to work properly as it is supposed to?

    Anyway, hope someone here can somehow help me out with this little issue. If any of you happen to need more details or have questions, do let me know! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • @kjennings92 Some Chrome extensions may not work well in Opera.

    Did you try other adblockers? Did you try Opera adblocker?

  • @leocg I have tried other adblockers, but I really have grown to like AdBlocker Ultimate quite a bit & actually prefer them as they're just great! TBH, Opera's adblocker is crap IMO. All I'm wanting to do is get the latest version of AdBlocker Ultimate on both Opera GX & Yandex browser. The only problem I have with both browser's add-ons/extension catalogs is that both of them offer the older version of AdBlocker Ultimate. 😒 Those guys need to get with the program...

  • @kjennings92 And those adblockers worked?

  • @leocg If you mean the ones I have tried in the past before, yes. (AdGuard, UBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, etc.) But I've been looking around for a different adblocker ever since I had problems with AdGuard. The others offered just "okay" performance IMO.

  • @kjennings92 But today, they work? It would be interesting to check if other adblockers are having issues or not.

  • @leocg I'm pretty sure the others do, but I would prefer to use AdBlocker Ultimate. Remember that I do have my preferences after all.