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We need a poll, to allow the devs to better understand the expectations of their users.

  • It has come to my attention that the Opera user community is divided on their opinions and views of the product. If it would be possible for the devs to make a surevey/poll to allow users to provide insights on such issues I think it would be appreciated by many of us. Thank you.

  • Opera Devs have been relying on info voluntarily provided anonymously by (some of) its users to improve its browser. That was one of the reasons why bookmarks were not implemented in Opera 15, as you can find here:

    "Since 2007 we’ve been asking randomly-selected people if we could anonymously collect information from their Opera install (via opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableUsageStatistics) so we could see the features they use. Some of these users have volunteered to give us this data since 2007.

    Based on the group of 100,000+ users, we saw that more than 90% of our users never actually added a single bookmark to the ones shipped with Opera."

    However, Opera developers have indeed been creating surveys to better understand the users' needs, like this one and this one about tabs.

    Hopefully, Opera Software will continue on listening to their user base feedback and improve their products not only, but also according to the feedback provided.

  • Thats very good. I will take a look at the surveys.
    I do not know how I feel about their data mining methods, there are some issues that could go without appraisal, such as features that are currently not implemented but would be desired by users. Also some individuals that do not feel comfortable with sharing data for whatever reasons but still would like to contribute. The forums sometimes are not a very effective method but do serve to fill the gap. Thanks for sharing the links.