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  • How do I delete speed dial? Entering opera:config now takes me to the "Settings" (for morons) menu. I want to add a google search bar to the main bar and NOT allow search terms in the URL box. I also would like to make the main menu horizontal instead of a drop down box. Cannot find how to change skins, and the present skin is an excessively ugly blue while lacking basic browser functionality.

  • You can't change skins and in truth, the default is a beautiful, clean version. The Settings menu is intelligently designed and not for "morons" as you put it so if you're going to be insulting, perhaps you would be better advised to stick with the older Presto version. Why would anyone with even a modicum of intelligence want to delete the Speed Dial? Seriously... Opera is probably not for you. Try Seamonkey... it's likely more your speed.

  • So you work for the company and will not help fix the problem?

  • Sorry to inform you, but with Opera's move to webkit last year, the browser was rewritten from scratch and several features were not (yet) implemented.

    • It's not possible to delete Speed Dial.
    • opera:settings is all there is. You may, however, activate Power User Settings, by entering the Konami code in the settings menu (↑↑↓↓←→←→BA [notice: you might want to remove focus from the search field before entering this code]), which will make a few more settings available, but nothing compared to the good old opera:config.
    • You have Google Search on Speed Dial, other than that you have to search using the address bar (a.k.a. omnibar).
    • Skins were replaced by themes. Check opera:themes and . Themes are basically background images. It won't change the browser's skin.

    So... yeah. What you want is Opera Presto.

    P.s.: I believe leushino does not work for Opera Software and neither do I.

  • @larseighner

    You don't have to use the Speed Dial. You can set the browser to Open in a page or pages. Go to Alt. P, and On Startup, select the option you want to Open the browser with.

    You can set the home page as you want, and open it in a new tab with this extension.

    Or set up a custom new tab page with this extension.

    So even if you don't like the speed dial, you don't have to see it.

    On the menu, you say you want it horizontal. Have you thought about how easy it is to toggle it, and not waste the space with horizontal (which isn't possible right now). But just press the Alt Key, should open the menu. Press it a second time, closes the menu. One key, totally simple to toggle the menu, and you can save all of that browser space. If the Alt key alone doesn't work for you, then try, Alt F to open the menu.