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Opera refreshing pages automatically if background tab left for a certain time

  • @box250383 said in Opera refreshing pages automatically if background tab left for a certain time:

    go to opera: // discards

    settings - advanced - background synchronization - Allow recently closed sites to finish receiving and transmitting data (recommended) - negative.
    are these settings?

  • @leocg Or what extension should I install?

  • @box250383 Nope, it's something completely different.

  • @box250383 I don't know any to recommend.

  • True. This is so annoying. I already reported this and tweeted them, but no answer. This is a major inconvenient because I lose the progress when tab refreshes. I don't know why they added this option. I specifically hated this in Chrome, at least they have an option to disable it. Wouldn't like to switch because I honestly love Opera.

  • @sclears It's a Chromium change, so (almost) all Chromium based browser will behave that way.

    And Chrome doesn't have an option to disable it. At least not that I could find in Chrome Canary.

  • @leocg It does have the option, in chrome/flags.

  • @sclears Then it was or will be removed because Chrome Canary no longer has such option.

  • just ignore it

  • @leocg Is there any workaround? Or can you develop any?
    I mean, that is a plain idiocy, to simply unload a tab just because I was not looking there for a few minutes. It makes the browser basically unusable for anyone apart from pre-schoolers.
    When I keep multiple tabs open, most probably there is a reason for it. And unloading them completely defies the whole purpose of the ability to keep them open. Are we going back to IE 1.0 era?
    I quite love Opera (loved it much more years ago, with Presto engine, then the switch to Chromium came...understandably, as Presto developers were unable to keep pace with quickening development in the web world), but it is continually getting worse with each Chromium update. And now, with this one, it has become a complete disaster.

    How can we let stupid google decide what is good for us and what is not? It seems like FF will become the only viable option. Or...?

  • I have Opera open all the time, with various tabs such as Gmail, WhatsApp etc. I've noticed recently that if I change focus to a different tab Gmail, WhatsApp etc. time out (I don't know what the interval is) so that when I click back onto them later they have to refresh, as if I've just clicked on the URI. Is there some setting that I need to fix to stop this happening - it's not a problem as such, just annoying.

  • @Edweirdo See above

  • @beus1201 It seems that there are extensions that claim to avoid it. I never used any so I can't recommend any.

    I'm not a developer, so I can't develop a solution. And I'm not sure if Opera could do it without having serious issues om very Chromium update.

    And you can always use opera://discards to avoid discarding a tab.

    I mean, that is a plain idiocy, to simply unload a tab just because I was not looking there for a few minutes. It makes the browser basically unusable for anyone apart from pre-schoolers.

    That seems to be Google's solution to reduce RAM and CPU usage, something that users used to complain a lot.

  • @leocg Thanks for replying, I frankly thought you are from the 'inside'. I just hope then that some developer will read it.
    Sadly, the proposed approach with discards is practically unusable - I open a new tab, we go again. Moreover, it conveniently forgets the setting of the "auto discardable" flag on a simple browser restart. which would mean I'd have to go there and fiddle with it everytime upon starting the browser. Unusable.
    And as to the "solution" - very nice of them - people complain about eating too much RAM so, instead of optimizing our code, let's simply discard their data from RAM. And it won't help CPU usage either; on the contrary - each reload of a discarded tab costs quite a lot of CPU, and even more data. The folks at google seem to have lost the last bits of any brain they have had.
    This "solution" very much reminds me of one folk song where the lyrics go like "to prevent people from stealing, let's cut off their arms; to prevent them from running away, let's cut off their legs." This "solution" is very much just that.

  • Same problem here, Opera now refreshes tabs after a few mins. Bloody annoying !!! I often have several tabs open, usually 2 internet radio, couple of youtube and some text pages. Such a nuisance have an hour long paused video, restart from the beginning and the paused internet radio start by itself. The only cure I can find so far is Firef*x.... I'd far rather be using Opera...

  • Hi. I recently started using Opera on Windows after using it on Mac for sometime. Everything is absolutely great, but there is this one problem that I am currently facing: the tabs keep reloading when I visit them more than once. I got to know about the term for it - tab suspension. I read a thread from @steamish about his problems with it. I would like to say that yes, it is a native thing. But I still ask the question, is there any way to stop this?

  • Hi, after loading up a tab. It stops. I go to another tab look at the website. go back to the previous tab. Its loading again. How do i stop that. Its annoying. I have version 72.0.3815.400

  • This really sucks. I hate Google Chrome for this, and move to Opera because of it. Now Opera has the same problem too.
    What even enrages me more is, OperaGX, the for-gamers version of Opera, doesnt has this problem. I used OperaGx for a few months then quitted, because I'm no longer interested in gaming. And now I come back to this problem.
    OperaGX: no auto-refresh, but only in dark theme and for gamers.
    Opera: light theme, but freaking annoying with auto-refresh

  • @ZanaDz GX will have the problem as soon as it upgrades to a newer Chromium version.