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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • No, its all sites. Those are just the 2 I mainly use.

  • @kyeq Any examples of YouTube videos with those ads? I've tried a few ones and couldn't see any ads.

  • 13510190-b5b4-457c-b8de-bb3720f0f84f-image.png
    Everything is enabled. Maybe there's an outside application affecting it?

  • Yeah, every youtube video looks like this when its enabled

  • I have same problem. It began after the youtube's new update.

  • Yeah, Was the crunchyroll thing recent for you? It just started happening on new episodes.

  • I experienced same problem in other websites to. I am not using crunchyroll but i tried now for you and it works stable, i didn't see any problem.

  • Thats weird, all the episodes display ads.

  • Hi, I have the same problem. Been using Opera for years, the built in adblock always worked perfectly. Now each YouTube video has an add at the start of the video.
    All exceptions have been removed. I don't know if I should re-install.
    Other websites seem to be okay.

  • Looks like Google outsmarted AddBlock and Opera in this round.
    Even Add-block in Edge doesn't work.
    I suppose Opera will address this in the next update

  • @vr2000 I agree with you. They will fix in next update. I hope.

  • Oh it looks like it blocks the background ads but not the video ads. Weird.

  • @YESTIKANLY I did the reinstall, didn't seem to do anything. It was a specific button, not manually though.

  • d962ded3-f5c4-4439-97df-323a474a41a2-image.png
    It blocks the static background ads but not the video ads.

  • When I go to a website or a game that is a website link, or whatever you call it, the ads are still there, even the video ad's are still there, like even when i just go to a website, it doesn't work. Like i still love the browser but this is a complaint. Not trying to be a Karen or anything but they should fix that problem, I'm also not trying to be rude to their team or staff members. I really hope that this is a problem that hey can fix, because this is a big problem in there browser, I will still use this browser because i like it more than Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Keep on doing the good work that you always have been doing.

  • Well, opera's main thing is the first browser that blocks ads. So you're not being a karen, really.

  • Hey folks, just to confirm, the YouTube issue happens to me as well. Since about last Thursday (I think), static ads have been appearing before roughly every other YT video I watch. They have a countdown timer in the bottom left corner.


    About 50% of the time, when I click "Skip Ad", the browser tab will completely lock up. The tab's content freezes and stops responding to input. This is on Linux Mint 19.3.

    I need to then copy the video's URL from the address bar, open it in a new tab and retry skipping the ad, which usually works.

    I am always logged into YouTube and I don't have a Premium account.

    I checked Opera's "Privacy protection" settings and there are 3 "recommended lists" to choose from, all of which I have enabled. There are two more under "Other lists", but they don't seem to relate to YouTube.

    Has anybody been able to block these ads, and if so, how did you do it?

  • Same for me


  • Let's all hope that opera fixes this in the next update.

  • @mr-matt-eastwood I just noticed that the 'save' feature does not work anymore, e.g. watch later or saving to a playlist.
    Looks like Google has declared war on us freeloaders 🙂
    To circumvent this, I just save using my phone.