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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • Twitch ads aren't being blocked.

    On Opera Mobile, YouTube ads aren't being blocked at all.

  • Hello, please fix the built-in ad blocker. It doesn't work at all. For example, I just installed the Opera update and after that the ad blocker simply refuses to block ads. Please correct it.

  • Hi,

    I just did fresh install of windows 10 and downloaded latest version of opera 72.0.3815.400.
    and everying this is working except Adblock is not working, i tried uninstall and install again but still not working, tried multiple website still all of them had ads, i checked the settings adblock and block trackers are enabled.

    Can someone help me with this issue?

  • @didjet04 said in The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops):

    Even with the adblocker on, i still have to skip youtube ads even if the ads themselves dont really show up. And on youtube music, the ads still just play as if there is no adblocker.

    This a global problem with any build in adblock using filterlists that dont change it. Not sure if Opera is involved in this on purpose but that specific ad on youtube is annoying and even freezes the tab sometimes.

  • Same happened to me, but i installed a second adblocker (ublock origin) And still have to skip ads. Idk what's this. I don't wanna install a third adblocker, because just in a site where you must disable your adblocker i will have to disable all my 3 ad blockers, annoying.image_2021-01-04_104207.png

  • @sasha123 You should stop using the build in blocker and only use uBlock. Also delete all data collected in the past including cockies. This helped for me. No ads anymore, even on Youtube.

  • Screenshot (148).png
    Ad blocker is not working properly on youtube videos. Please fix that issue.

  • It doesn't block the ads very good because,
    it only stops the adds and it gives you a white screen to click on "Skip Ad"

    Schermafbeelding 2021-02-23 103609.png

  • I've disabled the Opera Adblocker completely and set up ABP the same way. That works fine now. This is clearly a bug in Opera Adblocker.

  • Same here
    with the AdBlocker....i still keep seeing some ads displaying

    Why is that??

  • In version 75.0.3969.93, ads on Youtube are no longer blocked in the browser. Please fix

  • I do not understand; I know Opera is a web browser with an ad-block turned on, and promises that can block even the best ads including YouTube, but for a reason this happens and even on the mobile version this thing happen. Has Opera started having problems on adblocking and why there is still a YouTube ad? Is there something wrong on its adblock?

    Here is the evidence:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.42.46 PM.png