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25-Dev: Freezes the whole system. System unusable

  • Context:

    Version: 25.0.1583.1
    Update stream: Developer
    System: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (x86_64; KDE)
    Cpu AMD FX 8 cores

    I have 2 problems. 1 being the dpi miss-detected ( ) (actually overcame that problem).
    But there is a bigger problem.
    After starting opera-developer everything works fine but the system starts to not respond in a weird way.
    As the cpu nor the disk seems to be active the UI is responsive, i can navigate through the web easily and switch apps normally. BUT kded4 goes to 100% (of a core (~13%)). And things like opening an app or even opening a save dialog (ie when downloading a file) takes more than 2 minutes.
    When i close opera things do not goes back to normal. Even opera doesnt close normally. it stays with an error
    about a bus message error

    And when i try to close the system (using 'sudo shutdown now' ) it fails complaining that it can't take control over something.Modem (at the DBus again)

    Please help me with this because i can't use it without this. If i uninstall and reinstall opera 24 the problem dissapears.

  • I have no idea what problems you're having or what's causing them, but Opera 25 (dev 25.0.1583.1) on Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic) 64bit on an Intel core i3 is working fine for the past couple of days.

    Have you checked for software updates via the repository ?, or tried disabling Hardware acceleration in Opera settings ?, or maybe even tried disabling nepomuk file indexing in KDE's system settings ?.

  • Hi @jerobarraco: it seems, that your problem may be related to the Chromium's issue #360388: Ignores all keyboard input, you can try to work-around the problem, as follows:
    "Another option of a work-around: Use IBus instead of XIM.
    gnome-control-center -> Language Support -> Keyboard input method system: ibus
    export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
    export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
    in your login shell configuration." source link,
    "I'm using a french keyboard on a lubuntu 14.04 freshly installed on my eepc 1005 ha. The trick explained in post #49 work like a charm.
    I just added the following lines at the end of my .profile file:
    export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
    export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus" source link.

  • @linuxmint7
    Have you checked for software updates via the repository ? of course. that's how it updated.

    or tried disabling Hardware acceleration in Opera settings ? i don't see how this can affect but i will try.

    or maybe even tried disabling nepomuk file indexing in KDE's system settings ?. it is disabled. nepomuk shows no activity nor i ever used it before.

    Thanks but that problem is completely unrelated.

    Im talking about DBUS not IBUS ( though i have ibus installed, i never had typing problems.

    The problem is that opening opera hogs the process kded4 and opening an app or a system dialog or a context menu takes too long.

    Also i'm using a dvorak layout but that doesnt mean much. as i've said the problem doesnt seem to be related to keyboard issues.

    also im usign kde.

    this affects the WHOLE system, and leaves it unusable, even after several minutes after closing opera. and as i can't do a graceful shutdown im risking all my data and disk health everytime i try something.

  • -- i am error

  • And so i fixed it manually.
    I noticed it was a problem of DBus and kded4 so i googled about it. found "bustle", installed it.
    It allows to see some calls to DBus.
    as soon as i opened opera it generated like 20K calls. the bad part is that it happened only the first time i started opera and then i needed to restart my machine. so it took a while....

    i noticed most where GetLayout and AboutToShow messages. i have no idea what was it but i assumed it was some window creation or something like that.

    Then i started analyzing some of the data on the calls. i noticed two stuff

    1. most of this getlayout seemed to have something like a menu (with hotkeys, childs and such) (which made sense if it was for creating a context menu)
    2. some of them had data that seemed to come from a web page. duh, is from opera, but not everything in opera relates to the page contents.

    then i remembered that there was a menu with bookmarks, and that i used to have a lot of bookmarks in opera 12..

    then i remembered that some data was actually imported from my old opera upon installation, so i disabled bookmars on opera://flags/#bookmarks and it works again like "normal" 🙂
    lots of bookmarks will blow your opera