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  • Hello Opera Team,

    I like using Opera because of its robustness, speed and very useful sidebar with workspaces (!!! I use it a lot and its just awesome !!!). One thing that I miss is an in-browser split screen like it can be done in visual studio. Sometimes I need to see 2 tabs at the same time and creating a new opera instance and than do slit screen in windows 10 is just not beautiful and needs extra clicks.
    Adding this functionality would make opera the best and complete browser on the market!
    Looking forward to this new feature and maybe hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

  • @Menyilya Why you and many others similar to you, are clamoring for new things in Opera selfishly as #metoo #Iwant #Ineed etc,, instead of thinking out your ideas more deeply and do read earlier posts?

    Why do you want to change Opera into another copy of Vivaldi? Let Vivaldi goes its own path and leave Opera development as it is.

    I wrote in my post Workspaces - synchronize windows' slides why Opera is enough for now. It needs a fine polishing only. What I wrote it was about to sync sliders in two windows. Click such sync slide button on and you might increase "Opera's robustness" and enjoy for ever, using two windows like one, but in two parts (more versatile option).

    I'm deeply in my mind and my heart against such baseless ideas and requests which will have to lead directly to increase complexity of present basic Opera.

  • @pavelopdev Usually people make suggestions and requests based on their needs, that's how things work.

    And people show their support for the idea. Or not. Sometimes there can be discussions about it.

    By the way, the ability to see tow different tabs at the same time is something that Opera already had in the past and has been reintroduced in the concept browser Opera Neon.

  • @leocg I also remember a few years ago (before they rewrote Opera with Chromium?) that you could resize each tabs content as if they were app in windows.

  • @zan9822 Yes, by the time when Opera used something called Multiple Document Interface (MDI).

  • @leocg Well, sometimes the best attitude would be to take the pose of 3 monkeys, but in one body/person. I know how "the things work". Anyway it's hard to keep shut when there appear people who see no more than the tip of their noses. Going to the extremes, you could end the "lenta" (a ribbon, a tape - from Russian) of requests after someone has placed a whole shebang of suggestions - to follow up all the inventions conjured up by Vivaldi Team, or/and those ones found in other open source browsers. Short discussions are not bad, from time to time. What worries me more is lack of feedback from Opera Team. It be a good thing to read a week/month digest about accepted remarks. A lot of people place excellent suggestions, but repeatedly. It borders on wasting our efforts directed to help developing "our" Opera. We use it, They develop it - that's why it's "our" browser. Not the other way.

    BTW Back in those wonderful times of MDI times, a beautiful Blogosphere existed. Then there came a Satan, and all Blogosphere users were executed in no nice way by Execution Commanders Squad. I do not want their names today. What for? I like the new Opera. I used Yandex for several years (a real pearl), but Opera took my heart with Workspaces. Part of my understanding of their scope of issues and visionary background has found place in my requests.

    BTW.2. D'you know hyperlinks to the Opera Neon's presentations?

    Thanks for your comment.

  • @pavelopdev You should be able to download Neon from

    Remember that it was a concept browser, not intended for daily use and is kinda old and, therefore, insecure.

  • @leocg Thank you. I downloaded it, but first I've read the page and watched the movie hype. Everything but the Opera Neon "Split screen mode's" hype, was implemented in Opera yet. I do not see the difference now between what I can achieve working with two window Opera at present (with Workspaces!) and Opera Neon then. From my point of view Opera Neon is new candy for social user types, not for those preferring effectiveness. Well, let it be. For those who read this thread I've illustrated my expressed opinions below. I must emphasize that I use CRT monitor with 1600x1200 pxs, not 1920x1080 pxs IPS.

    [Fig. 1] Split screen mode a+la Opera Neon, but without candies.

    [Fig. 2] Opera Neon with Side bar

    [Fig. 3] My solution recreating the scene from Fig. 2.

  • Thanks for your answers, this was quite helpful! I really did not hear about vivaldi and it looks pretty neat so Iā€™m going to check this one out

  • @Menyilya You are welcome. šŸ™‚ Be warned anyway, Vivaldi is constantly unfinished. I called it once 80% Browser. A lot of bugs during development may be understandable, but features/options not finished in 100% and despite asking for such polishing or finishing those new functions, and leaving users' requests unanswered, is a shame, to say it politely. That's why, not mentioning Vivaldi's forum policy discouraging many prospective users among others, why Vivaldi sits in a niche-hole still. Have a nice adventure with Vivaldi, anyway! Good luck.

  • @menyilya this use to be a feature in Opera many years ago aclled multi-panes. You use to be able to open as many as 4 panes in on tab to view them simultaneously. I had stopped using Opera when they did away with this feature, and would love them to re-institute it back. This feature set Opera years into the future then and has been a big drawback since it's removal.

    But you are spot on, in this day and age of information and technology you need to be able to view more than one tab at once. Instead of relying on Windows unappealing split screen view, the multi-pane view would be revolutional to implement this feature again.

  • @pavelopdev this use to be an original feature in Opera before they removed it many years ago. Long before there was a Vivaldi.

  • @zan9822 yes, you are absolutely correct

  • @pavelopdev well comparing it to vivaldi regarding the split screen is wrong in my opinion. Split screen should be a basic functionality like it is for visual studio, NotePad++ or Pycharm (which is a UI to do software with Python) these are different things and yet nobody says visual studio is like pycharm or the other way around.

  • @fnkycool Yes, it was, alas. Even the Opera forum/blog named My Opera, not only MDI tiles, was something which would define what it meant I love Opera in those times. I've found an old picture from the only true Opera Era when I was able to create what I liked. Like this - blog programmed into a semi-portal (2014):

    P2O2 - The Iron Star Dispatch from Opera - Portal 2014-11-01 14-02-31.png

  • @menyilya I agree with you, but I was pointing to the attitude to present Opera - it's better to look for any solution which might improve your efficiency using it, than to ask Opera developers for what was once implemented in old Opera(s). What they do nowadays is dictated by managers, not by us petty Desktop users (or developers). šŸ˜ž