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The Opera GX is slow topic

  • First of all I have already done the following:
    ✔ Disable all extensions (I even removed all of them)
    ✔ Disable the ad-blocker
    ✔ Reset settings to default
    ✔ Reset flags to default
    ✔ Create a clean profile folder/directory

    Now ever since 2 or 3 updates(didn't keep track of versions) of Opera GX the browser started to have some issues after sometime of use on each session.
    After a while of using the browser, it starts to feel somewhat "heavy", meaning clicking on links (like google results) to open webpages takes quite a lot of time of loading(it may take 5 seconds and on extreme ocasions upto 15-20 seconds) until the pages load. I usually have 7-10 tabs open constantly and there is no specific time frame as to when this starts happening. Sometimes there are issues loading twitter posts embedded on Reddit posts as well where the twitter post keeps loading and never appears.
    Another issue is that, even closing the browser "feels heavy" as it takes almost 3-4 seconds for the browser to close after I click the close button instead of closing instantly.
    And those things happen only with Opera GX. I also have MS Edge, which does not give me any similar issues(no matter time of use or open tabs).
    The browser behaves fine when you first open it, but as time passes while using it starts to feel bloated and it's frustrating. I've been an Opera user for years and never had these issues before.
    I have also reported the issue as a bug feedback.

    Current Opera version: LVL2 (core: 71.0.3770.323)
    Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2

  • I have exactly the same problems like bizkid.

    My System:
    Intel I9 9900-k
    32 GB Ram

    Current Version:LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.323)
    Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2

  • Hi,
    Disabling hardware acceleration seems to have fixed it for me.
    I used to have the same problem with chrome, so it might be a problem with chromium.
    Hope it helps.

  • Hi, im kinda mad because of this browser, when i first saw it i thought like "oh what the hell, that looks nice and clean, what could go wrong?" ah.... everything goes wrong, this browser is slower than anything i used before, even slower that the dead internet explorer, no offense here but what the f*** is this? why is it using more ram and cpu than google chrome and why does it have problems connecting to a website thats using a DDoS protection, like cmon thats gotta be a joke, i love that its providing an free VPN but still, the connection of the browser even without the VPN is so bad... its making me cry, its taking like 2 minutes to load a webpage and i dont know why, please fix the browser, it has so much potential that is unused.

  • Ever since i have downloaded this browser, everything has been fine since this month, everything has been taking long to load. i have been restarting and clearing out unused space and it has been taking 2-3 minutes when i try to load a YouTube video, i have been turning on and off VPN, Ad Blocker, Tracker Blocker, and been re-downloading Opera GX. My connection to the internet has been fine, i have taken off extensions and it has been really slow. everything else has been slow a bit but only one website (YouTube) has been real laggy.

  • Ok people, it seems that after the update that was released today, the issue that the browser takes time to close when you close it, is fixed. For me at least. So you might wanna check it out with the latest update.

  • Ever since about last week, my Opera GX browser has been acting extremely slowly. I've never had this problem with any other app other then this browser and it has now gotten to the point where I need to close Opera to conserve CPU and boost performance in other apps as it causes my PC to lag and CPU to rocket in temperature even in idle. I don't normally have too many tabs open, but whether or not I have 3 or 10 tabs open, it always lags the same way. Closing tabs takes sometimes 3 seconds and sometimes even freezes my entire screen and sends my PC a loud beeping noise. Every other app including other browsers like Google Chrome don't act this way and I have literally 0 extensions running or even installed on Opera GX, so i'm wondering why the browser is behaving this way now.

    My PC specs:
    Ryzen 5 3600X
    RTX 2060
    16GB RAM

    I don't think my specs are that bad to have performance this terrible, and at the same time this never happened before until a little before last week, and I had barely done anything to my PC or touched it either.

  • Tried with the sounds turned off?

  • @killmizi Check in the internal task manager what is using so much CPU.

    Do you see the same issue in regular Opera?

  • @killmizi the problem is not your specs, but try checking your hard drive, if you have a cheap hard drive then that could be a big problem with why, i had a cheap hard drive and thus my lap top was extremely slow, try and get a digital hard drive, you're pc will be much faster

  • @bizkid it happend again 😞

  • @arcticwukongs worked allitle bit for me but still laggggg

  • @firefox289 said in The Opera GX is slow topic:

    @bizkid it happend again 😞

    For me, Opera is extrem slow too again.
    Tabs open delayed.

  • @medulla actually i fixed it i disabled hardware accelaration and using the u block origin ad blocker and disablethe built in adblocker helped for me!

  • @firefox289 said in The Opera GX is slow topic:

    @medulla actually i fixed it i disabled hardware accelaration and using the u block origin ad blocker and disablethe built in adblocker helped for me!

    and also disable other adblockers

  • @firefox289 nvm it happened again .-. opera plssssss fix this I love your browser but it just keeps having problems.

  • @medulla Usually the problem is the limiters, try to disable all limiters or reduce them

  • @debianlinux said in The Opera GX is slow topic:

    @medulla Usually the problem is the limiters, try to disable all limiters or reduce them

    What you mean with "limiters"?
    The Problem still exits.
    I am on Ihre Version:LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.487)

  • @medulla he means like opera GX has a GX control that controls how much memory and CPU space it takes.

  • @firefox289
    Thank you for explanation.
    Right from the start, since I've been using opera gx, the limiters have been deactivated.