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Opera Blink (Developers channel) for Linux and scroll wheel support ?.

  • I have been using Opera Blink (Developers channel) intermittently for quite a while on Windows (7) just to keep up with the current progress of the Blink version of Opera. I had noticed that it supports the middle mouse scroll wheel (click + drag up/down) to scroll up and down web pages (fast scroll in Firefox) out of the box. I am now using Opera Blink (Dev) on Linux (where I feel more comfortable) and have notice that does not seem to be any support for the middle mouse scroll wheel like there was in the Windows version of Opera Blink (Developer). In actual fact, there dose not seem to be any support for the scroll wheel in Opera Blink (Linux),as clicking the scroll wheel results in nothing happening, no mouse cursor change etc. I have even resulted to installing Christoph's wonderful 'Modern scroll' extension (which I have installed in Opera for Windows) hoping it would enable the function, but nothing.

    tldr: Does Opera Blink (Developer 25) for Linux the mouse (click) scroll wheel (fast scroll in Firefox) like Opera (Presto) for Linux, and Opera Blink for Windows does ?.

    Operating System: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic) 64bit with MATE desktop.
    Opera Version: Opera Blink Developer 25 (25.0.1583.1)

  • As you should know, the middle button in Linux is usually "Paste mouse selection". Presto had a dialog (either from Preferences or by holding Shift while middle-clicking) to allow you to choose between the standard Linux action and the Windows action which they originally called Panning. Highlight some text then middle-click in a text area to see if it is pasting, then see if there is anything about panning or scrolling in opera:flags ...

  • Thanks Steve for reminding me, I do remember enabling that option (Middle click options.../Start panning and Enable horizontal panning) many years ago in Opera Presto, But time had lead me to believe it was the default action, as it is a set once and forget function.

    Sadly there are no options to set mouse scroll/panning in opera/flags, but did manage to get Christoph's 'Modern Scroll' mouse panning function to work by reloading each tab. Would really like to have native mouse panning in Opera as I hate to rely on an extension for a (critical, for me) function if support for that extension should stop. Plus I am not too keen on the non standard mouse cursor that 'Modern Scroll' uses when the panning function is used.

  • Opera changed their default over the years ... originally it was the mouse paste, but they changed to panning later. Eventually, they'll probably do it again.

  • Yeah... It breaks my UX too.

  • My!, what a pigs ear I made of my initial post in this thread. Must proof read my posts more thoroughly before hitting that 'Post comment' button. 😃