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Opera 23 *whining* - speed-dial shortcut key is gone (ala Opera 12)???

  • Dear people,

    In Opera 12, the first 9 websites on speed-dial are numbered 1-9 and can be called by CTRL+1-9.
    In Opera 23, the speed-dial page aren't numbered anymore, and the CTRL+1-9 keys do absolutely nothing.
    I miss this feature tremendously. Now I have to actually MOVE MY MOUSE AND CLICK ON A DIAL TO GO THERE.

    Dear developers, if you weren't planning to rewire the CTRL+1-9 keys for another purpose, why did you then remove them? New versions should ALWAYS add/fix/improve features, NOT remove them... You just end up agitating and alienating your previous users.
    Please add this speed-dial shortcut key back.

    Meanwhile some questions for other users, is there anything I can do to manually add back this short-cut key to quickly go to particular websites? (either for items in Speed-dial or Favourites or even if I have to manually set the link CTRL+1 goes to for example) Perhaps by using an extension or add-on?
    Appreciate any help or advice, cheers!

  • Hello,

    with the transition to Blink, the browser was rewritten from scratch. Since this is a completely different browser, to be correct, we can't say features were removed -- they simply weren't added back, yet. There is an outdated and unofficial list of the features and their statuses of being ported to the Chromium-based Opera which you can check here.

    The status of CTRL+Number feature is, as far as we know, unknown. Opera's Speed Dial is going through major changes (you can check a new, experimental Speed Dial in Opera 25), but these shortcuts are not supported yet.

    Furthermore, Opera's Speed Dial supports folders and that could be a problem. I mean, if your 7th item in Speed Dial is a folder and you press CTRL+7, how should Opera behave?

    Anyway, I don't know any extension with this functionality. There is an extension for Chrome, StartHQ, which plans to implement this feature in the feature, but I believe it's not available at the moment. Maybe other members will know an extension that can help you.


  • I got the same problem 😃
    I loved Opera for this function but now 😞 My other problem was the search engine setup ( I got in older version y -> for youtube now is y-> for yahoo, and cant edit )....

  • Regarding your issue with search engines, although there's no option in the GUI to edit the default search engines (this is for security reasons, to avoid browser hijacking, and should be temporary), you can, with a little more effort, change your default search engines. What you should do:

    1. Go to the Opera's installation root (you can find the path in O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Install), then change to the ".../VERSION_NUMBER/resources" subdirectory,
    2. You should find there the "default_partner_content.json" file, rename it to something else, then relaunch the Opera.
    3. All your default search engines will be gone (except Google, probably), making it possible for you to assign y to YouTube instead of Yahoo.

    All the best

  • Wow Speed dial does indeed that in Firefox, never knew. I cant possibly imagine how moving an entire arm would be more efficient than clicking with a mouse, unless you are on those weird notebook mice, oh the nightmares.

  • @rafaeljvieira Thanks for mentioning StartHQ. I should mention that we're happy to bump up the priority of keyboard shortcuts if we get more votes on UserVoice:

    Also, given we support earlier versions of Opera, we would be keen to add support for version 12 as well if we get enough interest from the community.

  • Hi @rafaeljvieira, thank you for your response...

    "Furthermore, Opera's Speed Dial supports folders and that could be a problem. I mean, if your 7th item in Speed Dial is a folder and you press CTRL+7, how should Opera behave?" Easy, CTRL+7 to go into that folder, and the user has to CTRL+X again to select the item within that folder. It would behave exactly as if the user is mouse-clicking the item/folder on Speed-dial except that the keyboard is used instead.

    I went through the features link you provided, but I don't think the speed-dial hotkey issue is listed. Can I request this as a feature to be added somewhere?

    Thanks @starthq, I added my voice in your link 😉