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Export citations directly to reference manager / Open citations directly in reference manager

  • Opera should be able to support the export of citations from sites that host academic articles. Such citations are commonly in RIS format, although others exist (e.g. ENW, JSON, NBIB).

    For example, for this article
    Cite > Download citation
    Download as RIS

    Opera only gives the option to save the citation as a file. Other browsers, including SeaMonkey, have native support for opening the file directly in the user's preferred bibliographic database application, such as EndNote. (Sometimes this is referred to as "direct export".)

    Opera is barely usable by academic researchers without this capability.


  • @div-onopera How other Chromium based browsers behave?

  • Another example is at
    See "Export citation" button at bottom of web page.

    Internet Explorer (version 11.0.9600.19846) and Edge (version 86.0.622.51 x94) both give the user an option to either directly open the citation (e.g. *.ris file) or to save it to disk. The user could open it in their desired application, but usually they'd want to open it in their reference manager software so that it can be directly imported into their database.

    I'm fairly sure that Firefox does the same thing as SeaMonkey too.

    I never use Google's Chrome, but Edge is a "chromium-based browser", and the functionality works appropriately there.

    Opera is the only browser I can name that fails on this. (Please let me know if there's an obscure setting somewhere that will fix it.)


  • @div-onopera So it's basically just another request for opening files directly on their associated programs?

  • @leocg
    I suppose that's 'just' another way of describing it.
    Although I wouldn't personally include "just", which seems a bit dismissive, whereas I would argue this is a serious issue. Who wants to run open a second browser every time they want to export a citation?
    (Sorry if there are lots of such requests already made, but I did search the Opera forums for any previous posts regarding citations/references and so on.)

    Is there a way of doing that already?
    If not, is there a compelling reason why it's not available? Or is work on the software already in progress to address the general request?


  • @leocg
    Incidentally, if you wish to broaden this to a question of "Why can't I open ______ directly in my desired application?", then you could also review the apparent impossibility of opening a file (e.g. a PDF document) in one's preferred viewer directly after downloading it. The file is listed in Opera's download manager, but Opera insists that only it is allowed to open it. If I want to open it in my preferred application (e.g. a PDF viewer/editor), then I am forced by Opera to open the folder into which the file was saved, and then open the file from there. [Or else manually launch the preferred application and then either manually navigate to the saved location (or possibly copy the location from Opera's download manager).]

  • @div-onopera You don't need to open another browser to export a citation, it works in Opera. What do you wat is something totally different, you want that the downloaded file is automatically opened in the program that handles that kind of file.
    So instead of a citation, it could be any other file.

  • @div-onopera It's something different. As (almost) any other program would do, Opera opens the files that it can handle when you open those files from inside Opera.

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