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[Request]Move all open tabs to a drawer to re-open them later

  • There's another browser that does that, I think the old Edge, you can essentially close all your tabs, but they're in a menu in the tab bar, and you can re-open them all later... kinda like your open tabs on your workspace were a book, and you could switch books on demand, just by choosing what set of tabs you have open.

    That's a feature I miss a lot, because I tend to have a lot of tabs open, and some for a very long time, and it's hard on RAM, but also the tabs get more narrow the more there are, and it gets crowded...

    That was a cool feature, Opera GX was 5 stars because i didn't remember that feature, but now it's 4.5, it feels like it's missing that thing to be "all dressed" to so speak, fully featured.

    I really love Opera GX, but I do miss that functionality...

    Thanks if you consider it,

  • @poorandunlucky Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right. Or menu > history.

  • @leocg I don't want to open them, I want to close them. Close all tabs in a workspace, put them in a drawer, and re-open them at will, and re-close them at will.

    Also, I really don't see what the looking glass, or the history has to do with my feature request.

    If you have nothing to say, you can say nothing. This thing sends e-mails to me.

  • @poorandunlucky There you can see your recently closed tabs and reopen them if and when you need.

  • @leocg i'm talking 15, 20 tabs. i'm not gonna try to find them one by one...

    not everybody only has one ot two web pages they go to to catch on anime gossip and troll facebook, i have five workspaces each with 10-20 tabs that i use constantly, one for programming, manuals, snippets, speficications, one for engineering and electronics, one for my personal stuff, one for online shopping.

    but sometimes, i change engineering prohjects, so i want to close all the tabs for whatever i'm working on, and conveniently re-open them later when i go back to it.

    let's say i'm programming an ESPY board, well, I need a different set of instructions than if I'm progamming a STM32 board, see? and the history doesn't care about workspaces, so in between the closed tabs, and the time i want to re-open them, I'd have to find all the tabs that are the right ones.

    do you even work there, or are you just trying to find a place where to shine, and become popular? because it's a feature that exists in the previous version of Edge, so if you knew anything about browsers, you'd already know what i'm talking about.

    why don't you go back to playing N64 games instead of playing with my nerves, huh?

  • @poorandunlucky Why don't you take sometime to chill out?