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General Suggestions and Requests Topic - Opera for Desktops

  • This topic is to concentrate the suggestions and requests that are mixed up.

  • Hi, is it possible to add a few new features, at least to Linux?

    1. bring back speed dial configure function like the old ones ( 12.xx ), such as changing column number, wallpaper, etc?

    2. workspaces
      it is a really nice new feature, would be even better if one can
      a) increase workspace number, say to 8 or 10
      b) configure each individual workspace's theme, wallpaper, etc

    3. clock widget

    There used to be simple clock widget that can be added to Tab Bar, just to show current time. It was very handy. It would be really nice to bring it back.


  • Hello,

    I still wait for 2 key features

    Gmail in side bar - similar to twitter, instagram,... tabs - Vivalidi have it!

    Automatic empty cache or other selected types files when closing Opera- Edge have it!

    When we can expect it?
    I'm not interested any extrnal additions - most are useless

    if it possible - switch to dislable clear type...

    (Opera developer version)

  • @cornolio

    Gmail in side bar - similar to twitter, instagram,.

    You can try enabling opera://flags/#sidebar-site-panel and add it yourself.

  • @cornolio said in General Suggestions and Requests Topic - Opera for Desktops:

    I'm not interested any extrnal additions - most are useless

    You are badly wrong.

    • AdGuard supplements Opera Block ads & Block trackers - for "normal" open minded user it's a must.
    • V7 Notes - similar to Vivaldi Notes. V7 Notes is one of the best handy notes ever.

    On the other hand, do not use contentious argument like "XYZ have it!" if you please. Cannot you adapt to your PC world other browsers if they are so goodies laden free hand-out?

  • All i needed is to enable my flow ,that means we can send message to desktop by linking two desktop , i cant connect two or more desktop in my flow same account, and i need Features like volume master default for opera and check for problems in browser settings in opera://settings sidebar mans opera settings can be viewed in sidebar also sidebar google search or sidebar tabs can be enabled and disabled in settings as to the icon near also enable these settings run opera in computer startup , restore settings to default when i restart automatically sync for updates within option like enable 5 seconds automatically check for update or 30 seconds set time updating period , also enable make groups in my flow . also enable opera chat that we can chat with people having google or opera accounts also enable operaCloud for 20 GB free for people having accounts also enable disable all extensions options and enable all extension for opera also enable operascan for opera developer means that can scan your PC and Browser and check for malware ,antivirus , enable options like scan you pc full scan system files also enable opera lock that can be used to enter opera when only password is typed and correct also enable option like use superFast adblocker also enable autochange background in a folder or installed backgrounds . this is all we need in opera developer

  • Hello,

    first iam new here and don't know the rules, iam only want to share my idea.
    iam from germany so please excuse me for bad english.

    The first thing I really see as a necessary feature is that you can fast-forward / rewind when opening video files in the browser, the second would be an arrow button with which you can play the next video file in the folder of the opened file you don't have to keep reopening the files if you want to see everything in a folder. This also applies to image files.

    Another useful feature that Opera would do better than other browsers would be an integrated PDF editor, with which you can fill in text fields in PDF files and then save them.

    Many thanks

  • @superfrantv Regarding the video player, Opera most probably will have whatever Chromium has.

    The same is valid for the PDF editor, Opera may have it if and when Chromium does have.

  • @leocg It's sad what you convey to us - users. Your words bring on equally sad thought - is there in Opera anything what Chromium does not?

  • @leocg I would love to see Custom Search Engine like Ecosia or Startpage would be supported

  • @pavelopdev Of course there is. However for those specific features, there isn't.

  • Opera on Linux does not have support for System Title Bars and Borders, nor does it provide support for the KDE Plasma Universal Menu Bar. I love Opera's features, but I believe the UI could be a little more configurable...

  • Stop the increasing '73.0.3856.344' folder model, save current version as 'Old' or 'old-YYYY-MM-DD' and leave the updated version having the same details as the previous version, then we won't have to continually update Windows Firewall, or cookie preferences for each update

  • @dugglebb Cookies are saved in another place.

  • @leocg I Guessed that, but it seems than many websites see the 'updated' version of Opera as a new browser connection, like Windows firewall does, and consequently ask you to set your cookie preferences, at least that's how I would explain it, as the sequence after each update is

    1. Windows Firewall askes you to confirm access permissions
    2. Sites you visit regularly (Bank, Shopping, etc) on next access ask you to set your cookie preferences, as they are regularly visited sites the settings are already in my cookie preferences, so it has to be the new browser version/identity that triggers the request?
  • Hello,

    I have to start with saying that I'm really in love with the opera browser. It is the best one I have tried so far. But I'd like to see a view new features. Not because I think it will make Opera so much better. But because I'd really like to see these features.

    1. Every time I visit a website, the site asks for the permission to show notifications. Since I disabled cookies the settings aren't saved. With time it gets really annoying if it's asking you like 50 times a day. So I'd like a feature that disables that.

    2. I know it sound kinda useless but I'd like to have some kind of toolbox in the sidebar. Where, when you open it, different features appear. Like a calculator or so, translator or so. But that one would really be the bees knee. So not to important.

    3. And last and probably least 😅. I'd like some designs for the sidebar or the one on the top. If you don't know what I mean, have a look at the browser called "Naver Whale".

    Other than that the browser seems to be pretty perfect.

  • @golden-ghost Number one already exists, just go to the settings page and disable notifications.

  • @golden-ghost Regarding number two, there used to be an extension sidebar where you could add extensions to give you those features but it was merged with the Opera's sidebar.

  • so uhh ive been thinking about opera windows and there is somthing thats been bothering me Allot its the fact that i cant change the sidebar/top bar collor
    there are also other things like that the background music feature is only on the gx version
    id also love to add My Own messengers in the sidebar
    like idk... zoom? discord? ms teams?{not like id ever use it} many things like that and i think anything of that kind would be Awsome!!!

  • Can you guys like make the touchbar for mac useful. Like for example youtube, instead of it just changing tabs maybe yall could like make it a slider like the one in safari. That slider is like the only reason i use safari lmfao but i think operas really nice so idk.