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  • Soon after I installed myself second PC display (though, not sure if it's certainly because of that) and after really huge Windows 10 update which came right after this, my account logins on my previous browser started to vanish. I was bound to login to my accounts (like Google and social media) for 3-5 times a day. I reinstalled my previous browser and this problem disappeared for a couple of days but then came back. So I decided to change browser and choose Opera GX. I did it 2 days ago
    And... This crap again. Even more, my passwords I've saved here all were deleted (even very important password I don't remember -︵- )

    I have no CCleaner or something similar. I quadruple-checked my PC and there's no viruses, as expected. I never deleted or turned off cookies. (Well, at least, myself 🤔)

    Should I reinstall Windows or there any more possible solutions?

  • @RealIwaaan have the same issue, everytime i close opera gx it loses all passwords and sync, i have to login to everything constantly, tried with microsoft edge and this doesn't happen. It's annoying.

  • @RealIwaaan Oh my god, I was starting to think I somehow messed up my browser since it asks me to log in each time to many sites it never asked since I had already checked the "remember me" box. Such a relief to see this post! But it's weird to see that it was Opera GX-independent for you. I wonder where should we be looking for the culprit?

    P.S. my issues started soon after formatting my PC to fix some other issues, so I don't think a format would fix this for you.

  • @lmcr666
    Good to know I'm not alone here but I don't want to change a goddamn browser. I really love Opera GX and I want to stay with it

    Thanks. Now it's seems like there's no escape from this 🤪

  • In addition, I also lost my logins at Microsoft Edge. Seems like this is problem with my computer but I have no idea, which problem it is

  • Take your computer for repair.

  • @skorpion-yt
    And well, it helped!
    Because of second display my CPU started to overheat and this, in its turn, started to cause critical errors in memory. Now problem is solved

  • I need help whenever I use opera gx or opera whenever I close the browser section of google, youtube, Gmail, etc.

  • Whenever I log in to opera gx, youtube, gmail ... appear to be logged out of my accounts. What could be the reason for this?

  • For some users, this is caused by the Windows 10 2004 update. Usually it affects Edge too though in that case. You can try uninstalling the update to see if it fixes it. If so, you can try reinstalling the update to see if things still work. Maybe the update didn't install properly.

    It could just be a problem with read/write access for your profile folder (path listed in opera://about). But, you can do a standalone installation to rule that out. Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera GX Stable Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser", and install. Test in that Opera GX. Don't install any extensions and don't enable Opera Sync, and don't import anything, Just log into some sites and close Opera, and restart your computer, and then start Opera to see how things go.

    Another test you can do is to create a new user account on Windows and test Opera there. Your problem might be limited to your user account.

    You can also try changing your password for your user account to see if it helps. But, goto the URL opera://settings/passwords, click the 3 vertical dots to the right of "saved passwords", and export your passwords to a csv file so you can import them again, as change the user account password might cause old passwords to be inaccessible.

  • I am a big fan of this browser since I found it, but recently I have been having an issue in which all of my accounts on all of the websites I frequent are being signed out when I exit Opera GX.

    Essentially, whenever I fully close the browser all of my accounts have to be signed back into, when this wasn't the case before. Almost like when the browser restarts it forgets everything I had set beforehand.

    A good case of this is with YouTube, the most frequented website. Everytime I have to sign back in, but on top of that, the dark page settings I have in the browser and on the website both are being forgotten. This didn't use to happen, and I'm not sure why it started.

  • @burnout426 said in Need to login on sites all the time:

    For some users, this is caused by the Windows 10 2004 update. might help.

  • Every day when i boot up my pc i have to key in all the emails and passwords over and over again because opera seems to forget them once i shut down the pc. I do click "save"(password) button on that little bar on top, and also "remember me" in the apps, but i keep getting logged off after turning my pc off. This is so annoying. What do i do?

  • I am using opera 72.0.3815.148 version now, on Win10 lastest version.

    Opera sync is log-out itself automatically everytime when I shutdown the Opera
    When I turn on the computer and run opera, I can found my opera account was just logged-out and can't sync. I don't know why is this happened, very uncomfortable.

    Does anybody knows about this issue??

    Please help me. this is so annoying....

  • Please try cleaning up cookies with sync enabled and see if the problem is solved. In another query, I have found another solution that, go to settings and click on retain tabs from the previous session.

  • @dheeee You are logged off only from Sync?

  • @naheed Thank you for answer. I followed your solution, but it wasn't work.
    @leocg Not only Opera Sync. Anyother websites are too. I need to log on Opera sync every single time when I turn on my computer to use Password manager. but even if I log-on Opera sync, sometimes PM doesn't work. don't know why... getting tired.

  • @dheeee Check above.

  • Hello, I have a question, Opera GX loses all cookies every time I start my computer or close the browser. I have already set up the factory defaults and reinstalled Opera GX, but the problem is still there. Does anyone have any ideas?