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General Questions About Opera GX Topic

  • Topic for questions about GX that don't worth a separate topic.

  • If I remove Opera and reload will it keep all my speed dial settings?

  • @gleasonguy If you don't choose to have your data removed, yes.

  • I just recently switched to Opera GX from Google Chrome, and there's one feature that I'm missing: If I frequently visit, say,, and I start typing the address, when the autocomplete suggestion shows up in the URL bar, I can hit "tab" on it, which then changes my URL bar into a search bar for specifically. I can't seem to get the same functionality in Opera GX. Am I just missing something? Should I make this a suggestion?

  • What you can easily do is just add the search - when you visit the website simply right-click in the search form and choose Add search. Add a simple shortcut like "mw", then you'll be able to type "mw searchtext" to search from the address bar.

    I believe someone already suggested your request - if they did you should support the existing suggestion instead of creating a new one.

  • I used to be a fan of Firefox, yet the Ressources it ate away where a bit to much for me. So i went for the Opera GX and i want to try it out.

    So far i have been capable of configuring the stuff i need, yet one thing bothers me.

    I want the browser to stop autoplaying all kinds of stuff that the internet provides as a video. I am Usually online with UMTS and i don't want my data volume being used up for buffering videos i do not want to watch.

    I haven't found a solution to that yet, hopefully you can help me out on this.

  • @marikelis47 You need to use an extension to stop autoplay.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I want to use Opera GX but I've been using Opera Browser for years. All of my data are in Opera Browser and I have some doubts actually.

    1- First and most important question: What will happen my data when I start to use Opera GX, I want to uninstall Opera browser and download Opera GX. There are lots of data on this browser, my accounts, extensions etc. I don't want to lose them.
    2- Does Opera GX have workspaces? I use them a lot. I can't do without them.
    3- I don't need sidebar extension of Messenger, Whatsapp, or Twitter. I only use Instagram on sidebar, does Opera GX also has this?
    4- I use MyFlow extension to take some nots while I using Opera Touch on my phone, does Opera GX also support this?
    5- Is there any problem with Opera GX that makes it hard to use, if I'll lose my data on Opera browser I don't wanna do it for nothing.

    I've read topics about Opera GX on the forum, it seems it has some problems such as being out of sync, lagging, slow performance, crashing etc. Is it true?

  • @satanx opera GX does support myflow, i do also believe that your data profile will transfer over since you are using opera, opera GX does not have instagram sidebar atm, as far as workspaces i'm not too advanced with it, but im sure if you experiment with it i am pretty sure it would, and no opera gx is not hard to use, as a fact its very simple, you can just add things to it, you have a GX corner that is basically for game deals and such. you are right it is a beta version practically it does have some problems but i am sure in later updates problems like that will be fixed, all in all i would mostly prefer opera gx, its safe, secure, you can have a built in vpn, ad-blocker that works extremely well, all in all opera gx is a very satisfying browser apart from its problems.

  • @satanx

    1 ) You should be able to just copy the content of your current Opera profile directory and paste into GX profile directory. You can also use Sync

    2 ) Yes, it does

    3 ) Yes

    4 ) Yes

  • 1.How can I import passwords from chrome? The import over the settings does not work. I have also set the password flag.
    2. Is it possible to login with google account to sync passwords and history?

  • @mraerozz Enable opera://flags/#PasswordImport and import the passwords using the password manager.

  • @mraerozz It's not possible to use your Google account as far as I know.

  • Hello all, I just started using OGX and am wondering if there is any option to set as the default for handling searches in the URL bar?

  • How to add a player(Spotify) in Opera GX?

  • First time i am using Opera GX. Never used Opera before too so i have some questions if you guys don't mind.

    • Is there any homepage icon i can add next to the searchbar?
    • Is there a way to change the position of the sidebar?
  • @denilcartel There isn't.

  • Question 1: Is Opera GX owned by Google?

    Question 2: Does Opera GX track you like Google

  • @googlechromefan No, and no. There are some options to allow some tracking for either statistical purposes (which features most people actually use) or to tailor the (optional) news to your interest, but they are easy enough to turn off.