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[Request] Bring back Recent Tabs

  • @leocg That doesn't address my actual concern. I mentioned the existence of the feature's function in the "Search in Open Tabs" menu in my original post.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @hate9 That is the solution for your request.

  • @leocg I… no? It isn't? Am I misunderstanding some specific meaning of "request"?

  • @hate9 The response for such request was the show more option in the search tabs feature.

  • @leocg Right. And as I said, my issue isn't with a lack of functionality, but that the form it now takes is less usable than the form it previously did.

    That was the entire point of the second paragraph of my initial post. Did you not read it?

  • @hate9 Exactly what I'm saying and was already requested before and resulted in the show more button.

  • @leocg The old feature had a dropdown from the icon, which was very quick and efficient to use.

    The old feature required me to click the icon, move my cursor an insignificant distance, and click the item I want to go back to.

    The new feature with the show more button requires me to click the icon, move my cursor a significant distance, click another button (the show more button), move my cursor an insignificant distance, and click the item I want to go back to.

    Do you see the difference now?
    This is not a solution to my problem, because my problem is that the new feature is significantly less usable than the old feature.

  • @hate9 Tabs menu was removed in Opera 69, released in June and whose development cycle started in March. GX users only started noticing the change now because GX jumped from version 68 to version 71.

    Because of tabs menu removal (it was replaced by search in tabs), some people started requesting its return, specially because the new feature was missing closed tabs, at least compared to what it was before. As a result of those requests, Opera introduced the show more option in Search Tabs, allowing the users to see a larger number of recently closed tabs.

    And that means that tabs menus will not return. Or, at least, that the changes of this to happen is near zero.

  • @leocg Understood. In that case, my issue is, then, that this new feature is less usable than the old one. My request is that it becomes usable like the old one was.