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RIP Stash, and long live bookmarks!

  • you cant open in a separated panel seeing still the page you are on
    Opera -> Bookmarks

    Have you ever used Opera 12?

  • ...What that means , out of topic and i used EXTENSIVELY opera since a lot of years.
    Still opening 12 til last week and i need the bookmarks still (with info /categories and so on) ,
    but now is becoming too slow .

    In topic , the info /news about that B-manager is quite nice , strange they did not spread better ,
    it took the "good eye" users to find out and shar so we could experiment (not enabled by default)^^

  • I would agree, but at the moment it's one or the other.
    I know. I already pointed that out last week internally, but nobody seemed to care.

    Another shoot myself in the foot by Opera.

  • Stash is now disabled by default in the latest Developer build, in favour of the new bookmarks manager.
    It is starting to look as if Stash will eventually be abandoned.
    The bookmarks manager is looking great though!

  • This is good news. It is part of why I remain on Opera 12 as I have over 2000 bookmarks and Stash just won't cut it for me.

    Chrome and nuOpera make for good mobile phone based browsers: simple and a lack of controls/options which are ideal for a quick and dirty browser. However, this is NOT good for a PC environment where the user should have more options readily available and without having to clutter up their address bar (and not that damned omnibox) with a config address. Simple and efficient text based drop down menus and small buttons worked fine for years and they are still very effective in getting the job done.

  • I just noticed this feature when I tried to remove an existing bookmark by clicking the heart and it no longer worked (I use that feature constantly in Opera / Chrome / Firefox). After spending 15 minutes frustrated I found this thread and was able to turn it off. Maybe I just missed it but please consider adding a way to remove a bookmark from the icon again! The new bookmark system looks nice in general but removing a bookmark is a nuisance now.

  • @mmattt: Keep in mind that you are using a feature in alpha stage, please!
    You will for sure be able to delete it easily when it's finished.

  • Am I right there were multiple speeddials in the initial "nuOpera" (I like this designation!)? If so, will that remain? I'll be considering to obtain an install of nuOpera then.

  • In Opera 23, you can create a speed dial for each position on the original/native speed dial. So in effect, you have speed dials within the original speed dial. You just drag one thumbnail on top of another to create a folder of items for a speed dial position. The more items in the folder, the merrier. 😉

  • I don't see any reason to get rid of stash completely, but if I had to chose between having stash or a decent bookmark manager, I would chose the bookmark manager.

  • You NEED to keep stash and make it a part of favourites. Set a stash default location (perhaps appropriately named Stash) in the favourites. You then whilst in the Stash you can browse any folder in your favourites as if they too were your Stash. Basically Stash becomes a viewing type for browsing favourites within folders. You can switch back to the standard favourites view with the click of a button..

  • Guys, this is good news but please give me some advice. I'm still using Opera 12.17 because of the lack of bookmarks in recent versions but I have some concerns, the main one being is it still safe to use Opera 12.17 from a security point of view?

    Also, javascript buttons on some sites I use regularly just don't work. The worst one in particular is where some buttons aren't even displayed at all and others just aren't clickable.

    I'd appreciate your help as I'd rather stick with Opera if possible.

  • As Leo poited out, you (allegedly) can have both truOpera and nuOpera non-standalone.
    For example, you could even downgrade to an 11 (.63 or .64) and then separately install a 25dev, for example, which last one must supposedly adopt some options/settings from the existing truOpera but in turn, won't affect the latter. So you presumably can have your "old Opera" with all your customisation - plus a "nu" one as an auxiliary Opera-browser. Like you'll open certain sites in the latter.

    And by the way, Lynnpin, welcome to the new forums! :cheers:

    (After editing, the thread page looks kinda weird. You know that, Steve.)

  • ... I have some concerns, the main one being is it still safe to use Opera 12.17 from a security point of view? ...

    According to current published exploit/vulnerability lists (CERT, Secunia, etc), 12.17 should still be safe to use, plus Opera is still under their official commitment to patch security issues that arise... though they may announce abandonment of that commitment and the Presto desktop browser in the not-so-distant future.

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