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Im going blind - Where is the high contrast on the new operas?

  • Im using opera 12.15...It does just fine for me for now but the future will come when ill have to upgrade and i cannot find high contrast on opera 16 or 18 and opera next 19...I can only see white on black high contrast...Now i did get an app that let me use G-Chrome apps on opera...And that app i got from the G-Store can do high contrast but is unstable and does not work well as opera...There is nothing for FireFox or other browsers that i know of today...Also i like to turn off java and cookies at will on some sites as well...I know many people with sight problems that use opera that have nowhere to go if there is no high contrast...Also opera 11 and 12 is good for old windows xp little ram pc computers...Opera 18 and 19 seems to be power hogs at the moment but my friends are still trying them out...Any chance of High Contrast on opera 20? -Thankyou...

  • I don't know the answer to the high contrast question, I think there are no style sheet support yet, but I found that the readability bookmarklet works well in Opera 18. That is configurable to your preferences.

  • Thanks for Readable...I installed it on opera next 19 and it works great...I can only see White text on a Black background...Nice pic of my posting even though i had a hard time reading it...Now as for Readable, it has no high contrast but does have a dark theme to it but seems no way to leave it always on like opera 12.15 high contrast is...So i have to Turn On Readable for each web page i visit is not good nor does it work well on yahoo...So im back to opera 12.15...Im keeping Chrome apps high contrast and Readable for next opera for now...Thanks...Any other ideas or answers?

  • The high contrast on Opera 12 was, afaik, a custom CSS sheet applied globally to all sites. Opera 15+ doesn't have that functionality, so you need to use addons. What you could do is go to the O12 install folder and locate the relevant high contrast .CSS files. Copy them to a location of your choice. Then, in the new Opera, install the Stylish addon. It allows you to apply CSS rules to some, or all, sites. In the Stylish addon, you can sort out how to input the O12's high contrast css file so it applies globally.

    I'm sorry for not giving more step-by-step instructions, but I've already left Opera for Firefox and don't have it installed any more. I'm sure someone can assist further.

    Edit: I personally use the custom .css file from - it's my "night mode" style, but it looks like something you may like, as it gives you a global dark background + light text.

  • dude, can you use the normal font size please?

  • Originally posted by serious:

    dude, can you use the normal font size please?

    Dude, can you read the thread before responding please?

  • thats what readability/usercss/etc is for... writing one post in huge letters does not change readability of rest of thread.

  • Thanks villiansv i tried your night mode style and it works Great!!!...Thankyou so much for your kind work...

  • Thanks everybody for their help...I hope Opera comes out on their own with at least a high contrast on and off control...I like opera 12.15 the best because i can control contrast on and off, java on or off per site, cookies per site, what popups i wanted to see if any...And a file menu bar as well...Also i have high contrast enabled on my pc, so when i go to settings in opera 12.15, its white on black which i can see...The new operas dont show settings or anything in high contrast at all...Its like a copy of G-Chrome which i cannot really use and dont like as well...Too Bad...Maybe someone can do opera 12.17 someday...Well now i can try to play with opera next 19...Again Thanks for your help...-Robert

  • Originally posted by robert83705:

    ...I hope Opera comes out on their own with at least a high contrast on and off control... The new operas dont show settings or anything in high contrast at all...

    I agree. It's an "accessibilty" issue that ought to be done simply because something along that line is the "right thing" to do, out of consideration for those users struggling with visual problems.

  • Windows usually have some built in high contrast color schemes. If you used one of these in Windows wouldn't the settings transfer over to the browser automatically?