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keyboard shortcuts for speed dial

  • keyboard shortcuts for speed dial (ctrl-1, ctrl-2, ...) as in Opera 12.x will be very handy.
    Thank you!

  • What happened if you have more than 10 speed dial entries (icons) ?.

  • What happened if you have more than 10 speed dial entries (icons) ?.

    It's enough for the nine most frequently used speed dial entries.

  • Concurring with the OP. Speed dial shortcuts, in my experience, account for half of the serviceability of speed dial.

    @linuxmint7 - if you had more speed dial icons only the first nine would be accessible through keyboard shortcuts.

  • Some people like ctrl 1, 2, 3, etc. for navigating tabs. Others for the speed dial. It would be good to have something for both -- the speed dial, and tabs.

  • Yes, it kills me to have lost the ability to simply "Cmd-1", Cmd-2, Cmd-3 (Mac) to open my most used pages. A real loss in efficiency and convenience. Can't figure out why it was stripped out. (Same goes for saved sessions -- why is it gone?)

  • The question is: if you have folders in your SD, along with individual entries, what the shortcut should open?

  • It should open the folder, obviously. Folder entries would then be opened by another Ctrl+#.

  • It should open the folder, obviously. Folder entries would then be opened by another Ctrl+#.

    Well, probably there are others that may disagree and prefer that the shorcut opens the first individual entry.

  • In that case, they should move that entry to the actual first position instead of having a folder there. It would be far more inconvenient if folders were not accessible through or had different shortcuts. It would also be confusing if you had to subtract the number of folders in front of the targeted entry all the time.

    Let's listen to real, not imagined users.

  • Last week, I finally abandoned Opera 12 for Safari. Opera Chromium does not yet have all the fun which previously made Opera 12 the best browser by far.

    The shortcut keys for Speed Dial work fine in Safari, and that is what finalized the browser switch for me. A switch was needed, since Opera 12 no longer supports all the sites i need it to support.

    I will reconsider if Opera Chromium adds Speed Dial shortcuts. They are tremendously important to me. There is no faster way to browse your favorite sites.

  • I am with palelnan--I've made the switch to Opera 25+ & have suffered to reorient to speed dial over my shortcut keys but nothing has replaced the the ability to open a folder of bookmarks with one shortcut, which I loved.

    Now I am concerned about the direction of the new speed dial start page, which forces mouseovers to see what's what, forces you to read instead of offering distinguishable visual cues and does not offer any facility to search speed dials.

    I manually reorganized many of my Opera 12 bookmarks to function in the webkit-based Opera. Will I be forced to manually migrate my speed dials back into bookmarks to be able to search?

  • You can search on speed dial. Just click on the spy glass or press Ctrl + F.

  • Purely as a work around for now, manually assign URLs to the "jump to tab or open URL" command, with a shortcut of your choosing (it can even be a single key) using the Shortkeys extension.

    Note: Shortkey's "jump to tab or open URL" commands cannot work while browsing opera:// internal pages (including the speed dial page itself). This is not such a serious limitation as it might seem, since you do not need to open a new Speed Dial tab first. The command will open a new tab for you or switch to an existing tab if you already have the page open.

    P.S. Before anyone jumps on me. This solution will not work for everyone but may be a suitable work around for some people, for now.

  • Thanks, ruario, Shortkeys helps a tiny bit.

    But I can't use the shortcut keys in speed dial, I have to be on a web page for the keys to work.

  • On a side note:
    In Opera 12 for Mac, the CMD+[1-9] shortcuts do not work when there are no application windows. This used to work before, maybe Opera 11 or 10.

    This ALSO works fine in Safari.

    If you remove a feature, there should be a reason. I struggle to see an obvious reason for this case, as well as for not including speed dial shortcut keys in Opera Chromium.

  • In Opera 12 it is probably just a bug caused by some other change we made. I do not believe we removed this functionality intentionally. In applications with as many options as the old Opera, such regressions are fairly commonplace.

    As for the new Opera it wasn't yet implemented because of a lack of agreement on the best solution for Speed Dial folders (a new option for 15+) and because priorities were focused on other things. Don't get me wrong it is a great feature but shortcuts as a whole are used by only a minority, even amongst old Opera users. As such fixing things like this are farther down the list.

    I'll send a little reminder to the people involved and see if I can get the priority bumped slightly but I am not promising anything. It is the same team of people who currently have their hands full with bookmarks and sync work, which are more important to a larger section of the user base.

  • Ok, I have re-requested this but again, no promises.

  • I appreciate the response!

  • I was reading this again, ruario, and paid a little more attention to this sentence:

    "Don't get me wrong it is a great feature but shortcuts as a whole are used by only a minority, even amongst old Opera users. As such fixing things like this are farther down the list."

    I consider myself an "old" Opera user (but not 40 yet!), and I think you essentially are telling the truth. Not many people use these shortcuts.

    As an IT professional, I usually get "hired" to set up all the computers in my close and extended family. If I should give an estimate to how many times I have installed Opera with family and friends, it would surely be more than 100.

    In all the years with Opera Classic, I also told every friend, colleague and family member that Opera was the best browser. But I can't do that anymore.

    So even if it is a small feature, it is more important than just the number of users who actually use it. If you have enough of the little gems that Opera has been known for over the years (mouse gestures, speed dial, password sync, bookmark sync, tab handling and SO much more), you will produce enthusiastic fans like me. And we will spread the word.

    Bruce Dickinson: "Turn your customers into fans!"

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