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[Solved] 50 Days Without an Update - Is Opera GX Dead?

  • Today marks the 50th day since the last update to the Opera GX.

    Day by day I'm starting to think and speculate that the Opera team crunched their numbers, saw that GX is not profitable for them after analyzing its one-year performance and pulled the plug on the GX right after that massive birthday party.

    Meanwhile, my GX keeps constantly crashing, forcing me to always be on pins and needles so I always have to copy what I'm writing into the clipboard so I won't lose all that time to the crash that's always lurking above my head.

    I saw moderators but also a developer reply here on the GX forums. It's safe to say that a 50-day break demands an explanation as to what awaits Opera GX in the future. Can you please at least confirm that Opera GX is still being actively developed and that you are aware of the crashes and in the progress of coming up with a fix?

    Don't let Opera GX die out when you've already achieved such greatness with it.

  • @Unbeknownst It's still being developed.

  • @Unbeknownst Finally, the support responded (to achieve this, like punching a concrete wall with your head) that support and development continues. That's all ... Well, at least something ...

  • @meiso-op I'm not part of the support, if you are referring to my reply, but I know GX is still under development.

  • @leocg I didn't mean you. I was given an answer via email.

  • I really don't remember when was the last time my opera gx crashed.

  • @Reverse7 For some people it has been constantly crashing for weeks. Trying to isolate it with a clean reinstall and no add-ons didn't fix the issue.

    Anywho, Opera GX version 71 is out. Finally! Let's see if the issues are resolved, I'm keeping my hopes up.

  • I also never crashed. However, there is a glitch. For some reason, the Google Drive page does not work. Doesn't load. Then a very strange message appears: No internet connection. Some features may be unavailable.'

  • Hooray, a new version has been released (71.0.3770.138)!!! Now we will check))

  • @meiso-op Update: I removed GX 68 first and thoroughly deleted all its files including the ones within AppData folders and then installed GX 71 fresh. It crashed within 10 minutes of use. The only reason I can come up with is that somehow me being on the Beta Channel of Windows Insider is causing this, but that seems like far-stretched.

    I'm disappointed to see the rampant crashing continues with this update, but seeing that Opera GX is alive makes me hope that they'll address it in the near future.

  • @Unbeknownst Try installing the portable version. For example, to the root directory of the system drive.
    And my Google Drive still doesn't work. These are the weird glitches. And I note that they are different for different users))) Opera surprises. This is often not the browser's fault, though. Posted in support. Let's see what they answer. (if they answer)

    PS I installed both of my browsers (the second auxiliary Vivaldi) long ago as portable. It is convenient to make backups. You can make a full browser backup. And if some kind of failure, then just delete one and put it from the backup. It is also convenient to save the settings separately.

  • @meiso-op I just formatted my PC, and I think that finally fixed the constant crashing. I need to spend more time with GX to verify this, but so far it's running smoothly.

    It will be a great relief when that everlasting threat of crashing is out of the way so I can go back to enjoying my browsing.

  • @Unbeknownst Reinstalling the OS is a very drastic solution (don't get carried away, it's bad form). But if circumstances lead to this, analyze your actions (in general use), otherwise, it may end badly, worse than simply not being able to install GX.

  • @meiso-op Well, I was also having other issues like with Nvidia control panel (it was shutting itself down), so GX crashing was not the only reason I formatted my PC. As I previously mentioned, I suspected that switching to the Insider Beta version of the Windows was causing these, so my only options to go back were either wait for the next stable release of Windows (which would take months) or to format my PC, so I opted in for the latter. You are right that it's drastic, but sometimes it's the only way to move forward. (As a bonus, Windows Update pushed a BIOS update that was not listed on my manufacturer's support site for my PC after formatting.)

  • @Unbeknownst BIOS update must be done exclusively manually. And if it is really necessary. Otherwise, you are very much at risk of using drastic measures again.
    PS On portable devices, it's best never to do this at all.