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Opera windows switches to last position on taskbar

  • So I have multiple Opera windows open, each with a bunch of tabs so I have some overview of all the titles in one go, otherwise with so many tabs still open it's a pain to oversee it. However as of late (I guess since Opera 70?) I've been having this problem when I maximize an Opera window it automatically switches to last position on the Windows taskbar and it also does it after I've been watching a video in fullscreen on YT for example. So the order of the windows don't keep maintained as it was, it keeps reorganizing. How do I turn this off, I can't find anything in the settings?

  • Say, you you have 6 tabs in the Taskbar and Opera's tab is second (from left to right). If I watch some video in full-screen, then, when I exit it, the tabs always moves to the end so that I don't see it in the location where it was.

  • Okay I actually forgot to mention it's not as what the person above me says. The position swap only happens between Opera's own windows, that are open. So if other programs are opened as well it doesn't intervene with those, it's just internal.

  • Heya y'all

    I use opera browser with multiple windows and they each contain multiple tabs

    But recently something started to happen thats quite annoying, when I maximize one of the browser windows or if I go fullscreen on a video the window I did this with moves to the rightmost side


    [youtube window] [wikipedia window] [twitter window] [discord]

    and this is what it looks like after I watch a fullscreen video on youtube window

    [wikipedia window] [twitter window] [youtube window] [discord]

    I'm on windows 10, is there some hidden setting that I don't know of to disable this behavior?

  • 2 updates later problem still persists

  • I just recently switched from Chrome to Opera and I'm overall pretty satisfied, but this is driving me insane. Any update in sight that fixes the issue?