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  • Dear Opera Community,
    This is my first post at this Forum. I had used Opera in the 2000's on my PC.
    I've become a Mac User, and always been happy with Safari, until I installed the OS X Yosemite Dev Preview.
    This prompted me to install Opera on my Mac for the first time and I have to say I am very happy with it.
    The one thing I cannot do, which makes me reconsider adopting it as my default browser, is the totally inexistent ability to change the behaviour of tabs. I really don't like "Pinned websites". I just need to very basic things:
    -The ability to open a new tab with my home page (which Opera does in a clumsy way through extensions).
    -The ability to open a new blank tab. This is a new tab with just NOTHING on it. No pinned websites, no distractions. Just a new blank tab so I manually enter a site address or search for something through the search bar.
    Maybe I'm the only one asking for this? Why are this features missing when they come by default on Safari and Chrome?
    Does it affect the core business of Opera? Does Opera make money through pinned websites?
    Anyway, I hope any of you guys can help me answer these questions.
    With these features, I would absolutely change to Opera as my default browser, which get the idea of simplicity and minimalism quite well.
    Apart from the bloody pinned sites!!! 😉 Thanks!!!!

  • Hello,

    you could, of course, delete all your speed dial entries. That way, you could open a new tab with no "pinned" websites. There's no other way, that I know of, to open a new blank tab.


  • I really, really hate that it has been removed. I loved to have blank (and fast) start. Now it takes ages to start as I also have plenty sites on speed dial. Current versions - you can't edit about anything.

    I really hate that Settings has become more or less totally useless tab - you can edit very little anything. Loved when Opera let users to choose what kind of browser they wanted to us - not current situation when Opera thinks they KNOW what kind of browser people need to have.

    Best Opera is STILL 12.x. After that all has gone downhill.

    Regards, "Opera user since 6.x"

  • I loved to have blank (and fast) start. Now it takes ages to start as I also have plenty sites on speed dial.
    Did you have the same number of Speed Dials in Opera 12.x? It looks like you're complaining about a different "result" but yourself have changed the variables.

    Did setting a blank page stopped speeddial.ini and the thumbnails from being loaded or you just didn't see it?

    What if the devs find a solution to the Opera start-up so it starts fast even though you have many Speed Dials, it seems to me that you wouldn't need more settings that's what I mean.

  • I think it's pretty clear on the question. I really wish to have the option as well. To clarify, we would like have the same behavior as:

    • "Hide the new tab page" on Firefox
    • "New tab open with" > "Empty page" on Safari

    More details -

    Thew new Opera's startup/new tab page thumbnails load extremely slow on old Macs. And "adjust speed dial animations for slow hardware" does not help at all. Why not to have an option to completely get rid of it!?


  • I may not be very helpful just now, but since I have never seen this workaround suggested elsewhere and the original poster really disliked pinned tabs: I thought I would suggest it anyway. Pin a tab that calls var win ='about:blank', '_blank'); win.focus(); on window.onfocus. Clicking this button would give you a new empty tab.

    PS: Many users are scared of white empty tabs. They don’t know what to do with it. That is why all browsers now have appetizers and known brands on these pages.

  • Thanks @aeyoun for the reply. We have finally had an attention on it from an Opera employee, that is very good news already. Hope there will be an option for that via settings or flags in the near future.

    Maybe some users really like the thumbnailed new tab page, but we don't suggest to turn it off by default, all we need is an option, same way like other browsers do (except Chrome).

    Much appreciated.

  • Get rid of the pins as has been said already. Also the main thing that slows it down is the theme at the back. Switch to the default "grey" theme, it's - well blank, no image. Apart from a google search box, and an option to add pins, this is a 'blank' page, like safari or chrome. Hope this helps.

  • The fix will work and clear the obvious issue but does nothing for the underlying problems which may be your computer is infected with malware and the address listed on the 2nd choice in the lan setting is trying to do some misdirecting. My culprit was AdvaceElite which would bombard my screen with various advertisements.