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History data not syncing across devices

  • I just switched from Chrome to Opera. One of the reasons I switched was that Opera provides detailed, granular history data on both PCs and Phones. I use my history file quite a lot for logging and for transferring browsing sessions across devices.

    So it's been incredibly frustrating to find that sync between devices actually doesn't work.

    I'm on an android phone, an old windows 7 desktop, and a MacBook OS 10.14. I'm signed in using the same email address on all three. During the testing, I restarted each device, logged in and out of my account more than once, and turned off all battery optimization on my phone.

    on all three devices, shows:

    in "devices," all three devices as active. ☑ ☑ ☑

    in "Open Tabs," tabs from the desktop and the mac, but not the phone. ☑ ☑ 🚫

    in "History," only history from the mac. 🚫 ☑ 🚫

    Looking at the individual browser history files:

    the phone shows only its own history. 🚫 🚫 ☑

    the desktop shows its history and the mac's history together ☑ ☑ 🚫

    the mac shows only its own history. 🚫 ☑ 🚫

    What a mess!

  • @NMA So if you start typing an address in the address bar, it doesn't show up on all installations?

  • @leocg typing a URL of a previously-loaded page seems to replicate the behavior of the local history file mentioned above

  • Just looking again to see if anything has changed or if it was a time-to-update issue, but it hasn't and I'm still getting the same sync behavior across the devices.

    One interesting thing is that was reporting all the "open tabs" on the desktop -- even though I exited out of Opera on that machine last night. When I restarted the browser it updated to the current open tabs.

    I just find it odd that, on the laptop and desktop at least, it will sync information about tabs when they are open, but then not write the desktop's over to "history" when they close.

    It seems like there are a lot of posts about sync in general here, I want to state that I do not really care about password or bookmark sync, only history. If anyone has any sense of what sort of a priority this is for Opera, it would be nice to know if it is worth trying to stick with it.


  • Got a similiar problem as well, windows 10 pc is syncing fine for the most part, but don't see my opera touch app at all on history, or devices, even tho it is paired with my flow, and showing up in the flow.

  • @nischi85 Touch doesn't have sync.

  • @leocg oh...that seems like an odd decision? I understand, thank you.

  • So after getting rid of opera following my last post, I read about Opera 60 and the QR code sync and thought maybe they had fixed the issue. So I reinstalled and signed up for new opera account.

    Nope. and the devices still shows open tabs between desktop and mobile devices, but not history.

    The QR code thing is useless. I go to on the desktop, scan the QR code with my phone, and the numbers don't match. After that, it only pulls up another QR code on my phone which it wants to me to scan. Um, I can't scan QR codes with my desktop. So the only option is to log in to an account.

    So basically "history sync" is fake functionality. I guess it falls into the "fool me twice" category so shame on me.

    Goiodbye Opera. For good this time.