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Where did all my bookmarks go in Opera 16?

  • Originally posted by ersi:

    So, "there will be more", they say. This answer was given two and half months ago. No further hints meanwhile either in word or action. This brings us back to the short answer: Waiting for Godot. Evidently it's easier to find something else to use.

    Well, I sure hope they get on it soon. I'm having good luck with using Opera, as it doesn't get bogged down in RAM, freeze and crash anywhere near as much as Safari, which has become nearly unusable for me. But every time I want to create a bookmark, or go somewhere I had previously bookmarked, I realize I can't do that here, and it really does drive me crazy, as I cannot even imagine what the developers were thinking, to just delete them from one's experience in browsing the web....

  • Originally posted by rafaelluik:

    Relax, your old bookmarks.adr file is definitely stored somewhere (that's if you didn't use Opera Link).
    It must be located at home /Library/Opera...

    About "getting to many sites", I've been using the Speed Dial and its groups as the sole place to store my favorites and it works fine for me. Right now I have more than 500 links there. I can either open the links with the mouse or type in the address field to get them as suggestions.

    Um, I am relaxed. Migrating from Windows to Mac is increasingly common, yet I have yet to see an easy posted solution about migrating bookmarks from Win 12 to Mac 15 Opera. A relatively simple script could be provided that would accomplish this without the user having to delve deep into the directory trees. In any case, on my Mac,the Window>Bookmark Importer is grayed out.

    It appears that the transition for legacy users could have been a little better thought out...

  • I used opera from way way back, and I urge everyone I know to use it as well.

    Some time back I became a manager for an IT company, and with this, ehem, power, came the decision to use Opera as the secondary browser for the company (we *could* never forsake IE). Just doing my share to promote the browser.

    The latest update, however, is just way too bizarre and frustrating that ive decided not to support the product anymore.

    To the opera team, its been a privilege using the best browser ever! You were so far ahead of your peers and in some aspects you still are.

    I feel Opera is not just a part, but was a pillar in the history of internet browsing. Along the same veins with Winamp, Napster, etc.

    I'm sorry it has come to this, but goodbye.

  • I have used Opera EXCLUSIVELY for sixteen years. I use it because Opera has always been for "us"... not the establishment. Now it seem Opera has sold out; turned their back on the loyal users that have stuck with them all these years.
    We don't want excuses- we want a MENU BAR~ We want BOOKMARKS~ We use PCs and sometimes laptops. If you want to bow down to the phone users, design an "app" for them... But leave our PC browser ALONE! I really hate to say this, but until there is a "good" change here, I'm using Firefox. (I NEVER thought I would say that!)

  • Oh, and by the way.... You can now change the name from "My Opera" to just opera~ ... On second thought, please rename it to something else. Opera is a name that meant something.

  • Minimalist interface work for OSX and iOS because they were designed that way from the beginning, that's why users love them and patiently will discover "hidden" features.

    Microsoft and other vendors having drunk the "latest" UX Koolaid and apparently don't understand why removing ALL of the buttons result in a NON-existant user experience.

    Taking away Bookmarks and forcing customers to create yet another cloud account in order to collect more data, show shareholders and advertisers bigger numbers only creates value for Marketing VPs and their Power Point pie-charts.

    In the meantime the user is left high and dry - will simply move on to a product they are more familiar with.

    If I want more minimalist I'll buy another Macbook with Safari, thank you.

    Even Chrome uses bookmarks and offers a minimum of useful menu bar icons.

    Until telekinesis-based menus are available, I suggest that Opera's principals stop the Fisher-Price approach to computing. A phased-in approach is how to do this, not alienating a devoted user base cultivated over many years.[/FONT]

  • I've just installed an addon, "Bookmarks Manager", into version 18.0.1284.68 for Mac, and I've imported Bookmarks from Chrome version 31.0.1650.63 for Mac. It's not ideal, but it works.

  • Why I deleted Opera 19 and restored Opera 12:

    (1) Bookmarks are indispensable to me, so I went back to Opera 12.
    (2) I like using Startpage as my default search tool. Opera 19 doesn't allow custom default search engines, so I went back to Opera 12.
    (3) I liked having the panel on the left of my browser. Opera 19 doesn't have panels, so I went back to Opera 12.
    (4) Opera 19 got rid of Opera Link. I use Opera Link, so I went back to Opera 12.

    Hmm... Time to rethink things a bit.
    Opera 12 is an old browser. I need a browser that is current.
    I guess I'll have to drop Opera 12 and go to an open source version of Chrome.
    For those of you now looking for a new browser, here are my recommendations:

    SRWare Iron:
    Chromium OSX:

    I sure hope Opera gets a clue about this, but it seems they are determined to pursue the path their on. I will leave with these questions for them to think about:

    How is the "New Opera" browser similar to the Windows 8 interface?
    Windows 8 sure worked out for Microsoft, didn't it?

    Bye Bye Opera. I'll check back next year year to see how you're doing.

  • You guys may be interested in the article “Bookmarks, bookmarks, and bookmarks!?” by Ruarí.

  • Relax, your old bookmarks.adr file is definitely stored somewhere (that's if you didn't use Opera Link).It must be located at home /Library/Opera...About "getting to many sites", I've been using the Speed Dial and its groups as the sole place to store my favorites and it works fine for me. Right now I have more than 500 links there. I can either open the links with the mouse or type in the address field to get them as suggestions.

    "Relax" - "works fine for me" = Smug

    They need to Trash the worthless Stash" and install a real Bookmarks System, Manager and Sync! Defying reasoning and logic to be different for the sake of being different, IS IDIOCY! Remember, Ignorance can be corrected.

  • I'm still using Opera 12 because you haven't sorted out bookmarks yet. Get it sorted please! Firefox, Chrome and others all have bookmarks, why did you, with one of the best browsers decide to get rid of them? I won't be updating till you get them back.Surely it can't be that difficult to add a panel with bookmarks.

  • Panels are not possible with Blink/Webkit if I remember rightly, a limitation with/of the engine from what I have been reading. Don't know how much truth is in that though.

  • I just installed opera on my mac os 10.9. The option to import bookmarks is not available. I need a solution

  • Lost all my bookmarks, and I had a lot. I'm assuming it was the update that killed them. I restored my system back a couple weeks and got them all back. Now opera is trying to get me to update again. Do I have to change to a different browser now? Is this new update gonna delete the bookmarks again. Should I try Avast Safezone? Microsoft Edge? I hate Chrome. Why do thes idiots think they know better than us users what we want? Why can't they just leave things alone?

  • @Gtoguy3

    With your Opera Forums data:

    and take a look here V7 Bookmarks

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