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Direct youtube search if tab pressed. Like in chrome

  • If you have used youtube in chrome, you can just type y and press tab to search directly on youtube. That is an awesome feature, I'd love if opera had it !

  • You can do that on Opera as well!
    Go on Settings and under Search Engines press "Add", then you need to complete the fields. Do that this way:

    • Search Engine: Custom Description;
    • Key: the word you want to use for this search engine. In your case it would be "y" but I think you can't use 1 single character on Opera, I used "yt" and it worked for me;
    • URL: this is the URL the browser has to use to start the query. For YouTube it would be "". The "%s" in the URL will be replaced with the text you search.

    Now save it and it should work! You just need to use write <key> <what you want to search for> on the address bar and it will search directly in YouTube! Please note that you just need to put a space between the key and the text. You can do that with a lot of websites, personally I use it for Wordreference (dictionary).
    I'm on Opera GX but it should be similar (if not the same) for Opera.

  • @Soggow That's a cool trick ! Thanks !
    Although, I'd have loved if they allowed tab or something, but I can make do !

  • I just noticed that "y" is already used on Opera GX for Yahoo! Search and I can't delete that, so that is why you can't use the letter for YouTube, you can use 1 single letter as a key tho.
    Just wanted to point that out since I was wrong in my previous answer.

  • @memeblaster Yeah the reason we can't use it (TAB) is that it is already used to browse the suggestions that come up while you search. We can't change that in the settings as far as I know

  • 2021 and we still don't have this. having to add manually every single site to search and remember keywords is terrible! why don't use the same chrome system that is so much better??