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  • Hello, some functionality is still missing so that Opera GX is at the top for me (sorry for my english it's google tratuction)

    • The possibility of merging the tabs like vivaldi a very important feature for me
    • Be able to change the shortcuts of the keyword of the rapid search and the possibility of deleting them
    • Added Deezer and Spotify extensions
    • An email extension that can handle all emails on the same page like the applications found on smarphones
    • User profiles
    • Be able to make our own group in the extentions and placed as desired
    • The "simple tranlate" addon is missing, which can easily be found on Vivaldi or Firefox, best addon to translate, it's a shame that we have to go and find it on the chrome store
    • Improved your keyboard shortcuts, use F2 F3 F4 shortcuts ... for faster and more fluid use, on vivaldi my F2 opens a small pop-up that allows me to do a quick search in my favorites or on the internet (your magnifying glass does not is useless), my F3 allows me to search the page for a keyword (F3 is my configuration), my F4 to open the side panel where I find my favorites, download, history, ect ... why not unite Opera tools on a panel instead of separating them with the ability to choose what displayed
    • Your ad blocking is not effective even with the uBlock addon I have ads that appear on my search (I don't have the problem on my other browsers)

    The design of Opera GX is nice except I find that the search bar separated from the tabs is very weird

  • @imaxx I’ve installed uBlock Origins ad-blocker and disabled the built-in Ad-blocker that comes with Opera GX, and I’ve yet to encounter any problems. I may have one or two on very rare occasions but you’re able to eliminate those issues in the future by using uBlock’s “zapper” feature to remove the ads.

  • Is very good but the browser needs more features to make life easier for the user. For example: An option to show the bookmarks bar only in the quick access tab, an option so that the sidebar can be hidden and reappeared when the cursor passes over it,
    a translator could also be integrated into the browser, you need to improve the vpn and dark mode option a lot. You should add more apps to the sidebar. The browser is spectacular, I congratulate you and that is all my comments for now... if I have any other suggestions I will let you know.

  • @Jonbrew Regarding the translator, you can add Google Translate or other translator service as a search engine and use it to translate pages, texts, words.

  • @Jonbrew You can add any site to the sidebar, just enable opera://flags/#sidebar-site-panel

  • Hi! I have 4 ideas that I would like to you to implement.
    First one, when I'm using lateral sidebar apps it hidden part of content of webside tab, so a great change could be to shift to the right the website tab and it automatically adjusted to let work with the sidebar app and website tab at the same time.
    Second, when I'm using 2 website tabs i need to alternate between them, so I would like to implement an icon that let you choose the website tabs and split your Opera GX window in equals parts so you can see and interact with the tabs.
    Third, on my Windows configuration I always move the sidebar to right instead let it on the lower part of my monitor and the Opera GX Sidebar is on the left so I would like that the user could choose where to put it (left or right).
    Last one, I'm an aerospace engineering student and sometimes I use many website tabs, so I would like that users could put together some website tabs and when you move the mouse over the compressed tabs it unfold all the tabs you put it in.
    These are a these are a little suggestions, that I think could make this Browser even better that it is, I'm always recommending Opera GX, because have to many options that makes me work easier and enjoying more my entretaiment time.
    Truly, You guys has make a really great job