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[Suggestion]Opere GX+Google service and sync?

  • Yo guys i am new here i want ask the devs

    dear devs

    if you can add this feature because google is very important in my life and everyday life and I can't do without it it is so. for me unthinkleble to lives (and for all people!) it accompanies me.
    and I'm about to switch from Google Chrome user to Opera GX!

    but dear developers, can you add such functions to the "Early-Access" located in this feature? I need "google service" and "sync data" in my gaming browser.

    if you share and support this idea. rapidly many more people will grab this browser! and support it. but can you and are ready to implement such a feature?

    i will very happy if you take this idea!

  • @zredplayer What Google service you can't use in Opera GX?

  • @leocg is this feature already build it? be like google chrome?

  • @zredplayer And GX already has a sync tool.

  • @zredplayer What exactly are you talking about?

  • i mean it google service if Opera GX have performance problem by opened google earth as example. or with this sync tool cant access or not possible to connect with my google service its make me eays if i have its dowenloading me my fav websites my passwords have be ready for all. and my websites history will added how ever website i vist its will me helped later if i want back him i cant remember this helped me so good to explain my own experience if i forgeted something. and sync opend not closed tabs. or i have anytime my extension who i am^^. and be ready payments sync. all thing my data is by google and everywhere! who i am! is such a login sync possible now by opera GX?

  • @zredplayer And what do you call Google services? I don't think Opera would be allowed to integrate them into the browser.

    Can't you simply login to your Google account and get that data from there?

  • @leocg i want to integrate all data and functions into the browser. what should be wrong with the developer? i have to connect it with google in realtime! everything has to be there. send up important history and changes to acc and down! if i have to add something! so the sync should be!

  • @zredplayer Still couldn't get what you want exactly. Would it be that you want to login to your Google account and have your browsing data there?

  • yes with all things mit google sync!?

  • 200% agree!
    My passwords are to sensitive for me to put it in another place. I use Google to manage more than 300 passwords... Don't want to storage it anywhere.
    Should be better to login on Google like every chromium based browser does.