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  • Was the Share button removed in Opera 70? I'm not seeing it in my toolbar anymore and couldn't find a setting to reenable it.

  • @xander09 I have the exact same problem. Seems like it was removed. A real pity since I personally used it a lot. May have to consider switching browser now.

  • Additional note: It's also gone from the contextual drop down menu. Anyone?

  • @Xonic : I also cannot find the share button that use to be under the File section. It was used extensively to mail website addresses to friends as well as interesting articles. It is making it difficult to send information by doing multiple copy and pastes which isn't efficient. I did send a note to Opera about this and they wanted me to copy a picture of where it was in their system so I could validate that it was there previously. However, when you have it you don't go around taking pictures thinking that someone will take it away. Apple has it in their Safari web browser and so did Opera until the last. update.

  • @Barney48 There used to be a share menu item at the end of the add-on icons positioned at the upper right corner of the browser window, in the contextual menu on right click as well as in the File menu. Can't take a picture of what is not there, right? I used it all the time as you described in your post. Very frustrating. Weird that the people at Opera isn't aware of the problem. Just weird. I'll check if I happen to have an old screengrab and will post it if I do.

  • @Barney48 Found a screenshot that you can send. Share menu icon third from right. (From 28th of July 2020) share menu item.png

  • Yes, I missed it too and I really need it.

  • Indeed. Weirdly, the people at Opera doesn't seem to be aware that it's even gone according to @Barney48 . I really hope they fix it.

  • Well, the last updates did not fix the problem. So, I have decided to reinstall the last version with the share button included.

    It is working perfectly. Waiting for a new update with that button included.

  • @marfa

    What version was this that you loaded up would be appreciated. If you can't get it done quickly by Opera which may be the case now then going back to an existing version that worked is almost as good. Appreciate your help on this.

    Will send Opera a copy of the version as well to prove to them that it was a change they made by showing them the pull down menu. Hadn't thought of going back to a version that works as the fix is so simple in the short term.

  • @Barney48

    This is the link to the version I have downloaded and installed. It is version 69.0.3686.77.

    The link:

    I hope it works for you.

  • Thanks. I was about to ask you about that 🙂

  • It should be a simple fix, but we have reached version 71 and the button is still missing