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  • Hello,
    I Need some help from Opera staff or contributors or services, today I Recover my PC and Reinstall all program any program on my PC

    After I install Opera browser I unguarded to create new account with same e-mail and then I want to sync the data with my old account but I forget my passphrase.

    So Now My All Speed Dial Gone, that all my life, work, jobs and I Want my account back, Please Help me, Please Please Please

    I think I use Opera Browser for last time about 8-10 PM on Monday July 20th 2020, Please Recover my account to that day if you can Please. 😭 😭 😭 😭

  • @tobytobb You make regular backups of your important data, right? Always remember that synchronization services are not backup services.

    And make sure to remember your passwords before doing something that would depend on them.

  • @tobytobb Have you ever created a passphrase?

  • @leocg Before I recover my PC I have an issue with windows OS so it's force me to recover windows inadvertently

    I always back up data on PC but not on Opera browser I just have many website link for my jobs, I'm sorry about that. I know about "synchronization services are not backup services" But this services make my life easy.

    I think maybe I already created passphrase because I'm sync in browser now, but everything gone after sync is success, that why I want to recover my account to Monday July 20th 2020.

    I will remember every my password and passphrase in the future.

  • @tobytobb But are you logged in using the same account you were using before, in the previous installation?

  • @leocg Yes, I have one opera account one e-mail
    This my timeline

    1. I try to log-in on opera browser but I unguarded to create new account with same e-mail
    2. Then I try to sync all data from old account but I forget a passphrase
    3. I click into the 'Your Opera profile' page and saw this Opera
    4. I follow 'See your synchronized data' and found this page Opera สแนปช็อต
    5. I click to see my devices and back to the 'Your synchronized content' then I click "Reset Passphrase" because I want new Passphrase
    6. After I click that the browser show me some video about Opera browser and something about sync
    7. I went back to guess passphrase and I correct passphrase
    8. I click to 'See your synchronized data' again but till now I found this Opera สแนปช็อต_2020-07-23_122930.png
    9. My old speed dial,bookmarks and Everything Gone.

    That why I want to recover my account to Monday July 20th 2020.

  • @tobytobb shows your synced data. If the data isn't there, then it wasn't synced and, therefore, can't be used in other devices and/or installations.

  • @leocg I try to log-in with same devices same e-mail same account and try to sync but everything is gone like a beginner account
    So I'm give up now.

    Thanks for answer me. I'm so tired now I'll make new speed dial and always backup and remember all my password.
    Thanks again.