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  • Hello, I had to downgrade to v. 12.17 to import ie bookmarks, but cant figure out how to make opera update from 12.17 back to 23.x. I have downloaded the most recent installer and run it, but that only installed both versions alongside eachother. Please help, I need this info very soon! Thanks,


  • Opera 12.17 and Opera 23 are considered to be completely separate products by Opera, so installing 23 will not upgrade or uninstall 12.17.
    If you are now happy with 23 and don't want to keep 12.17, you will have to uninstall 12.17 manually.

  • @gtaero, as a clarification, are you asking how to now get the bookmarks from the 12.17 version into the 23.x version, having installed 12.17 in order to import bookmarks into it from some other brand of browser?

  • @blackbird71, Yes.

  • Based on Leocg's comment here

    I'd say, first, copy the Opera 12.17 bookmarks file (bookmarks.adr) to the desktop or elsewhere (but a safe place that you can access again). Now I'd say "completely" uninstall Opera 12.17, and completely uninstall Opera 23. Then install Opera 12.17 (copy the bookmarks.adr file (that you saved to the desktop or elsewhere) to the Opera 12.17 profile). Make sure your bookmarks now show up in Opera 12.17. After that, I'd install Opera 23, (let it go wherever the install program puts it), and use the Bookmarks Importer (Opera Menu/More Tools/Bookmarks Importer) there in Opera 23, which at this point should hopefully not be greyed out. Don't forget to show the Bookmarks Bar in Opera 23 (Alt P/User Interface/Show the Bookmarks Bar).

  • Enable the bookmark importer with this command: