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Fix this disruptive update process, or I'm done with Opera

  • It seems like once a day Opera just crashes - just disappears from my screen. Suddenly and without warngin. If I am typing anything (e.g. like this forum posting), the work is lost. I get a brief error from Windows about some application having a dialog box open. When I restart Opera, the "Speed Dial" icons are about half size and the browser has lost all knowledge of any kind of search engine capability.

    Eventually, things return to normal, but sometimes it takes forever.

    All of this maddening behavior is related to the also seemingly never-ending, daily "updates" that seem mostly to do nothing at all but be annoying.

    Fix this or I'm done.

    Windows 7, by the way.

  • No such thing as a repetitive disruptive daily update process.

    Historically, Opera 'Blink' has been updated every 8-12 weeks.

    What else might you have on your machine? Anti-virus or other trial-ware that may itself be attempting to install or update Opera?

    Complaints like this come up from time to time and it's usually been an AV or other trial-ware problem.

  • No, it is Opera,and Opera alone. If I go to Opera>About Opera after this happens, there will always be an update download either in progress or pending. "Daily" is a bit of hyperbole, but it is VERY frequently.

  • What 'Opera'?

  • I wish I got daily updates

  • I wish I got daily updates

    Trust me... no, you don't.

  • What 'Opera'?

    Click on the "Opera" menu... the logo in the upper left.

  • What version of Opera, I think he means.

  • I do not experience this. Opera in Win7 also. As far as I can tell I've been on 23.0.1522.60 since I installed Opera 23. Maybe you are stuck with an older version and the update process somehow cannot complete so it always start over?

  • As long as the OP persists in having an inflexible notion of what's wrong and does not have an open mind for troubleshooting, it's going to be difficult to help him

  • Update your browser