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Discord Screenshare Black Screen

  • Recently when I have attempted to share my Opera Browser using Discord's built-in screensharing software, all that is shared is a black screen with my mouse cursor.

    Any game I have tried to share does not have this issue, and neither does Chrome.

    However I do not wish to have to switch to chrome just to screenshare and would like to be able to use Opera as I used to.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it as I believe it is an issue related to Opera specifically rather than Discord as Opera is the only software I have been having these issues with.

  • Yes, I've been having this exact same issue. I've already tried multiple browsers and other games/applications, and they all work perfectly fine. Only Opera, for some reason, ends up resulting in a completely black screen with only my cursor visible. I haven't been able to find much more info or any potential workarounds for this, so if anyone knows any I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @foxdeimos
    I posted the same question on the /r/operabrowser subreddit and received the following answer, which fixed my issues with sharing:

    You can try disabling hardware acceleration at opera://settings/system.

    Or, you can play with the opera://flags/#use-angle flag.

    For me specifically, changing the #use-angle flag from Default to D3D9 OR OpenGL fixed the issues I was having, but it may not be the same for you.

  • The recent update to discord on 5.14.2018 had an interesting little gem in it. "Screenshare now includes audio!" To share screens to a group (up to 9 other people), which now includes your system audio, just follow these guides!

    This is the perfect way to share your system audio, from say Syrinscape, during a gaming session. You can even select just one program to share, so you don't have to share your entire desktop and give away your dm secrets. It allows multiple people to share screens, so I'd suspect you could even have someone else handle the audio if you want (I haven't tested this part yet).

  • @archmagedragon
    Thank you!

    Disabling Hardware Acceleration in opera://settings/system seemed to have solved the problem for me.

  • @archmagedragon Thanks a whole bunch! In my case, changing the #use-angle flag to D3D9 fixed the issue for me. Once again, thank you very much!

  • Hey... is there any new information? Angled-flag on opengl works bbut i lose Hardwareacceleration for videos.... tried the vulkan-backend flag... this solves everything but every video (especially mp4) is just displayed pink.. Alls other browsers work fine.
    The black screen appear in the capture software when I unfocus Opera. Is there a solution?

  • @archmagedragon thanks man this really helped me out. you're a life saver.

  • Coincidentally finding a 'Dissension screen share no sound' issue is a typical event when utilizing this stage even in 2021. The actual creators have acquainted a few patches with fix it, yet it simply appears to spring up sometimes for reasons unknown.

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