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Problem with auto hide of windows 7 and import bookmars from other browser

  • Hi, I've enabled the auto hide of windows 7 and when I go down the start bar doesn't appears, do you have the same problem?
    Another there a way to import the bookmarks from other browser?

    Thank you, dario.

    [Mod note: closed as a duplicate of Opera always in foreground and How do I import bookmarks from Firefox?]

  • What other browser are you trying to import bookmarks from. There have been ways, depending on the browser. There is now in Opera 23 an experimental feature for importing from third party browsers in Opera://flags, which you type in the address bar.


    I've never tried this but am just passing it along to you.

  • That flag should be enabled by default, but you will probably have to uninstall and reinstall Opera for it to operate, as it's only intended to work once, the first time Opera runs after installation.

  • So you uninstall, and reinstall Opera 23, then you have to go type Opera://flags in the address bar, and enable the import feature (because the default is not enabled). And then what? It's still a bit confusing. Will it automatically then, let's say, find bookmarks in Firefox and/or another browser and import them?

    You have to enable it "after" installation. Is the idea that if you enable it immeidately after installation, it will work? It's starting disabled . . .

  • The import option in the flags should be enabled by default, so if you completely uninstall and reinstall Opera it should then automatically import the bookmarks from your default browser, even if it's not running, the first time that Opera is run.
    I'm afraid I don't know which browsers are supported, but I would assume at least IE, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

  • On my Opera 23, I looked at the feature, and believe the feature was disabled. Maybe that's because I've been running Opera 23 a few days, and it (Opera 23) is my default browser.

    If it starts enabled, then I guess, people don't have to go to Opera://flags, as the import will happen automatically?

  • That's my understanding, yes.
    It may have run when your Opera updated to version 23, but didn't do anything because your default browser was already Opera, and it then disabled itself because it's only designed to run once.
    It has stayed enabled on my Opera Developer 24 install, and Opera 12.17 is my default browser, but it has never attempted to import Opera 12.17's bookmarks. This may be because my install is a USB install not a standard install.
    We need someone to come on here who has just installed Opera from scratch to see if their default browser bookmarks were imported!

  • We need someone to come on here who has just installed Opera from scratch to see if their default browser bookmarks were imported!


  • The flag is disabled by default in 23, but it's enabled by default in 24. Mkay?

  • If it's disabled by default in Opera 23, and davehawley seems to say it only works the first time your run Opera, how do you make it work in Opera 23. Do you immediately enable it, when Opera 23 is installed? You have to know something to do that. And then what are you supposed to do something afterwards, if anything? Does it operate automatically? Do you have to click on Opera Menu, More Tools, Bookmarks Importer to make it Opera?

    I just wish that when Opera added features -- even if only experimental -- they provided some guidance on the features. Here we have an update to Opera 23 that was so silent that many users didn't even know the update had occurred.

  • The flag is disabled by default in 23, but it's enabled by default in 24. Mkay?

    Thanks yet again @rafaelluik for correcting my faulty memory!
    You're right @lem729 it is rather hard to imagine how it would have worked in version 23 if it's not enabled when Opera is first run, but I guess it was an experimental feature at that stage, and won't actually properly do what it was intended to do until Opera 24 goes final.

  • Thanks to all for the answers, but I don't succeeded to import the bookmarks enabling the flag, and uninstalling and installing opera(the default browser is firefox).
    Is there another way?

    Another question, can you enable the auto hide for the windows 7 taskbar so to check if it correctly work?
    Again thank you

  • There's a thread about the Windows 7 taskbar problem here -

    Would you like to try the latest Developer build of Opera?
    That should do the bookmarks import from Firefox when it's first installed.
    I'd be very interested to know the results!
    The off-line download is here.


  • Thank you davehawley, I hope that with the future realeses these problems will be solved.