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[request] eliminate flashes of white light

  • when opening Opera GX, the browser flashes white before settling on the default dark theme. When clicking the settings gear on the left side toolbar, a white flash appears(also on refresh). When navigating from the default new tab page to a website which has a dark theme, the browser flashes white until the page has time to load

    these default blank slate windows should all be black/dark theme'd. I am trying to switch off of chrome and firefox because even with third party dark mode extensions, I still get these flashes of white light.

    I hope Opera GX can release an update which eliminates these white flashes as soon as possible, because the "other big names" will not or can not. Please be my browser of choice, Opera GX. Forum Mods and Developers I appreciate you

  • it's apparent no developers use these forums or care at all. The white flashing issue has been here for over 10 years and it's clearly not going anywhere. As you can see these forums are dead your post only has 8 views, no replies, and idk it's a well known issue they just dont care to fix it.

  • @lolsup it would be cool if a developer could comment though.

  • @lolsup You won't see it happening very often in this forum.

  • @leocg it's such a "basic" issue that all the modern browsers fail to implement a solution for. Opera GX touting itself being for gamers, young people, ahead of the curve; this lack of a thing is really troubling.

    Like really, if we could just select an image or color to replace the default white background...

  • @leocg

    Leo, you know the wallpapers that OperaGX has on the top right "easy setup" button which is next to the downloads and under the close X button for OperaGX?

    If you can tell the dev's to put in an option somewhere to have your selected wallpaper as the screen that flashes when you click the extensions button or do anything else where that white appears momentarily , i'd be ecstatic

  • @lolsup As already said, they having been trying to fix the white flash issue since a while but no solution seems to have worked so far.

  • @lolsup Not sure but I guess it was one of the attempts to fix the problem.

  • @leocg

    I would be interested to know what exactly broke or stopped working when they implimented their fixes and what they've tried. I would try a beta build.

    Anyway, something something brand loyalty through transparency and keeping people informed is key.

    Right now the Opera youtube Is pretty bleak. Last post was 2 months ago to celebrate GX birthday and it was just a short commercial essentially,
    Maybe consider starting 5-10 minute update posts to the opera youtube channel? It could discuss whatever tech topics on the internet, current tech news, and of course, juicy insider tidbits about how opera's various developments and tips about current opera software.

    anyway thanks

  • @geesehoward It seems to me that Opera's main channels are the site and the blogs. YouTube channel is used more to promote events and some major releases.