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[Request] Add an option to automatically delete history on closing the browser.

  • I think that including an option to delete use history and cookies upon exiting the browser would be good especially for users who have to manually delete the history every time they exit the browser. It is a great feature which is also in popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge and also on Brave. Hence, I request you to add this feature.

  • @inst1nct What about using the private window?

  • Yes I get your point that we can use a private window to not log our search histories. However it would be ridiculous to use private windows for surfing the net or watching videos on YouTube. It would require unnecessary opening of too many private windows. Please keep in mind that here, we are talking about using Opera GX as our default browser. Many external links that we open would be still logged in the history tab. It is not feasible to delete the history after every session, hence my request.

  • @inst1nct You would need to open one private window and, inside it, you would open how may tabs you need, as you do in a normal window.
    And after you have closed the window, no traces of what you did would be visible.

  • But again, if I open an external link, would it automatically open a private window?

  • @inst1nct It would depend if Opera is closed or not and, if not, which window has the focus.

  • @leocg If opera is closed and i open a link form discord, then?

  • @leocg Also, I would like to point out that when I use a private window, my cookies would not be recorded hence, I would have to log in a lot of times. Personally, I just want to see the history deleted not the cookies. Moreover, when I use a private window, the GX Corner is not available which I very much like.

  • @inst1nct It would open a regular window.
    I guess there is a way to change it but it would be a way to complicated.

  • @leocg My point exactly. And since I'm referring to the community as a whole, many of whom are not tech-savvy, it would be difficult for them to do it. Therefore, I requested the above mentioned feature.

  • Bullshark. It has been requested since at least 2014. Come on guys, why so hard to implement such a request feature? Because the companies you get paid to track us from want to know where we've been? Thanks but no thanks. I want a privacy, not Psudo-Privacy Partial-Privacy browser. Moving on, thanks and goodbye Opera