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  • Hello, I'm from Bangladesh and I cannot open any link having without using a vpn. In fact, I even had to use a vpn to be able to download the browser.

    After installation, updating through opera://settings/help doesn't work without using a vpn.

    Opera VPN doesn't work without enabling a system level vpn first, lol.

    Thank you local censorship, yay!

  • @hellstra said in OperaVPN is not working:

    ... I'm from Bangladesh and I cannot open any link having without using a vpn. In fact, I even had to use a vpn to be able to download the browser. ... Thank you local censorship, yay!

    Depending on the political atmosphere in a given country, it may be worthwhile for a user to inquire with their government/local-ISP whether their blocking of URLs is intentional (and if so, why?); it may simply be an unintentional result of their blocking a chunk of "problematic" IPs. On the other hand, in some strict authoritarian nations, such inquiries may themselves be neither safe nor wise for a user to pursue - YMMV, and only an affected local user(s) can make that determination of whether/how-far to locally investigate.

    At the end of the day, all centralized censorship makes everyone a loser in one way or another - but national censorship is one of the unfortunate realities of life in the current real world.

  • The whole dilemma can be resolved if Opera can confirm this.

  • @hellstra You reported the problem to Opera?

  • @rakejake,

    If my detailed posting here isn't reporting the problem as well as bringing it to Opera's attention then I don't know what is. 😉

  • @hellstra 😃 You can try reporting a bug.

  • @rakejake said in OperaVPN is not working:

    The whole dilemma can be resolved if Opera can confirm this.

    If you are able to visit , you can gain a view of the scope of censorship worldwide as of January 2020 (particularly if within that page, you set the "Show -- entries" to 100 in the nation-table part way down the site's page). Bangladesh ranks quite high for employing national censorship in that table (among the top 25 nations in the world), on a par with well-known censoring nations like Cuba, Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia but behind China, North Korea, Iran and a scattering of others.

    Frankly, there is very little that Opera (or anyone else) can do about national censorship... nations are sovereign and do what they want. Why a nation blocks one site but not another has all to do with their interpretation of what they wish to block from their citizens, the technical mechanisms used in blocking, and the persistence of the personnel in the blocking agencies. If Opera's websites are reachable by ordinary browsing from most other nations in the world but not from within Bangladesh (which is the case), it stands as proof that the Opera sites are being blocked (intentionally or otherwise) within Bangladesh. There is nothing Opera can do about that. That some other VPN services might be able to penetrate the censorship speaks more to the lack of thoroughness of their blocking mechanism by Bangladesh and the ability of those VPNs to jump ahead of the censors by frequently changing their IPs or using other technical means. Bypassing national blocking is a continual (and expensive) electronic war between blockers and VPN providers, and probably goes well beyond the limited purposes Opera has in supplying a VPN option in their browser.

    I don't work for Opera, but I don't see how (in practicality) Opera can conclusively determine on its own which nations are locally blocking its websites (including its VPN) since it doesn't reside physically in many of those nations and because the dynamics of who is blocking what change literally daily among nations. Moreover, nations that do block are usually very evasive about which specific sites they block for what reasons.

  • @rakejake Confirm what? Opera can't confirm that their VPN is being blocked, they can just check if there are less connections to their servers from a certain region.

  • @rakejake,

    The following is the reason I don't believe Opera is at fault here:

    -Access to reddit may or may not require a VPN, lol what a shitshow
    -pinterest has been granted access again after the block

  • @hellstra just checked the links. Regarding reddit I've found discrepencies. Some have access and a lot of others don't. However nobody is talking anything about Opera.

  • @rakejake,

    My point is that Opera stopped working right around the same time a new list of websites has been locally blocked. 🤔

    Coincidence? I don't think so. Plus, it's been already confirmed in this thread that there's no ongoing issue on Opera's end concerning accessibility.

    Now, whether you buy it or not is your call. Peace. 🙂

  • @hellstra Don't worry dude :). Ain't contesting it no more. Just tryna say found no comment about Opera. It might very well be true what you are saying.