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statusbar like status-for-evar ???

  • How to add statusbar on Opera ?

    so if i mouse over any link then it doesnt take 3 % of my wiev. jumping on my screen here and there.

    statusbar / progressbar == its possible in firefox via status-for-evar

    without it its very annoying .. it covers areas what supposed to be visible (at least for me)

    like facebook chat ( it covers chat input!!!! )
    (very annoying..!!)

    also its annoying anyway to see it takeing HUUUUGE area of pageview.

    why should i see it ??? if am interested to see where some links takes me then i can right click and check that url if interested. nobody actually doesnt care .

    i used firefox but it freezed on my laptop lately too much so i try opera .. i skip chrome.
    without that annoying thing opera looks nice.. but if there is no possibility to remove it or replace it with old statusbar then its not for me.

  • Which version of Opera are you seeing this on?
    Opera 12.17 produces pop-up information when you hover on a link, is that what you're talking about?
    If so, just select Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Browsing and de-select "show tooltips".
    If you want a status bar, select Tools>Appearance Settings>Toolbars, and check "status bar".
    If you are on the later Opera, there is no status bar available, but pop-ups should only appear bottom left anyway, not next to the cursor.

  • Version: 23.0.1522.60 - An error occurred while checking for updates(network acces disabled by me)
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    thats the problem no statusbar 😃 theres annoying popup ..

    new firefox have no statusbar also .. it have same popup, but in firefox i can choose to put it back so it perfect by using plugin status-4-evar.

    that popup isnt neccesary for me and its takeing space from pagewiev.
    (example facebook chat message inputs are total hided if i accidently forgot to navigate mouse to safe area.)
    (cant see what i input, sometimes its hard to find safe area on page so its always hideing important stuff)

    also information from bottom page are often not visible cuz i forgotted to navigate mouse cursor to safe area safe area==area without mines==links.

    sorry about my english not my native language.

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