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Opera history saving limitations... Can the library be allowed to keep expanding?

  • It's kind of confusing having a file named "OperaNIstable.exe" when is was usually "Opera ##.## Setup".

  • Yea I doubt that the developers would make this change for the Presto versions.

  • I tried Opera 25 and just couldn't work with it. Too many features including tab stacking are gone. Meanwhile my library diminishes because of the limitations.

  • I have now lost over a year of saved is sad and frustrating.

  • just i have lost 2000 save pages.. any way to get them back? no i dont think so... f u opera

  • just i have lost 2000 save pages.. any way to get them back? no i dont think so... f u opera

    What do you mean by saved pages? And what is the relation with history?

    Anyway, this is a suggestion forum and not a place to ask for help. So please use the appropriate opera products forum.

  • I said the wrong term when I said "Saved Pages". I meant pages that are in my long History, which I use as part of my library. There is no other way to do so that I know of except drag the icon at the beginning of the address bar to a folder for every page I want to "keep", but that isn't really practical. I should have aside from asking if the History cap be removed suggested it be removed so long as my computer has the space.

  • The limit probably exists not (only) because of disk space but mainly because of performance. If all history, since the beginning, were kept then there may be a increase in startup time, among other issues.

    Btw, how long is (or should be) your history?

  • My history I started in late 2012 and as of now it goes back to late 2013. A lot of loss. There rightfully should be a way for this issue to be dealt with by somebody.

  • If you are talking about 12.16, maybe it has reached the limit of entries?

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