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Dark theme tabs still need even better contrast

  • Notwithstanding the earlier suggestion which it is claimed has been 'implemented' (Poorly, half-heartedly implemented)

    . . there is still fartoolittlecontrastbetweenthetabs in dark mode, both between individual tabs (a faint and indistinguishable vertical line) and more essentially between active tab and the rest. Personally I would like to see a clearer base to tabs as well, and a wider, otherwise emphasized pinned tab.

    Finding the active tab is further obscured by colourful site icons, which produce far greater contrast than the essential tab delineation.

    Please consider that you are inconveniencing those with sight difficulties - this is a disability discrimination issue.

    Myself I have to crane forward to the screen to see which tab is active, and it is barely discernible.

    Optimally, a user would be able to set their own choice of colour depth for active and hover-selected tab, and to be able to emphasize the tab edge (and base) according to their own requirements.

    Why be so stingy and parsimonious over this?

    (Additionally there should be a minimum tab width setting, and a better way to manipulate groups of tabs, but that is a separate issue. The whole mess needs a thorough review and fresh thinking.)

  • I came here from Google search. Yeah, it's so annoying I had to google it again to see if there is not some solution to this problem. I mean what's the big deal - I don't care if that much if the active tab will be yellow or pink, just make it clearly visible please.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I like the dark theme, but you don't know which is the active tab you;re using, when there are multiple tabs open.
    Please make a big contrast to the active tab.

  • @kbop60 Here it's easy to find out the active tab.

  • @leocg

    How nice for you. Useful input, I'm sure.

    Here, it isn't.

    It interrupts my workflow.

    Plus it would be good if we were all to consider the elderly and others with visual problems, Aren't they allowed to use the browser?

    Perhaps "Reasonable Adjustments" should be taken into consideration, according to UK Equal Opportunity Act 2010, in pursuance of various sections of the Human Rights Act. I expect there's a US equivalent.

    I want better contrast on behalf of those people.

    These things matter.

  • @methuzla I have visual issues, so I am talking as one of them.

  • I cant agree more. In fact, see my other post where I detail the many ways Opera is struggles to be adept at anything but instead is mediocre at everything.
    The tabs are not visible, the ridiculous 12 character password needed to sign in. Why 12 characters? My bank, the IRS, my Italian bookie stereotype loan shark doesn;t even require as much red tape as this.

    Im so glad Opera is so hard at work at creating boundaries and barriers for the customers that they so desperately need...