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  • Hi!

    First of all, great browser, I'm enjoying it a lot.

    I was wondering if you can add a feature to add custom apps in the sidebar in a way similar to other productivity tools (don't know if I can cite them in the forum) like the images below:




    They are different software, but they do all the same thing in a way or another. It's like if when you click a workspace in opera there is a default page that opens (the page of the app you want. E.g. I see the bitwarden icon on the sidebar, click and it opens the page of the webapp ). In this way you don't need to install any extension (unless you want it to be a panel like the ones you made for messengers).

    I think it's better than workspaces, because when you see the favicon of the app it's more immediate, and anyway I think it could work in combination with workspaces, an hybrid.

    Hope you find this suggestion worthy of further interest, and that my english is understandable.

    My best wishes.


  • To some degree you are talking about extensions, though sidebar extensions generally use the panel.

  • Yes, but by this way you can add any custom web app with no need to install an extension, and depending on the app it can be better have a full with page (e.g. Google drive, the admin panel of a WordPress website, mailchimp, and so on).

    I suggest to see shift app, station app or Franz 5, all these apps are browsers designed to improve productivity.

  • I think there is a new sidebar extension with every new version of Opera, having the possibility to add any one of them would sure be really great, this could be done by using the mobile version of a website in order to have something that could perfectly fit in the sidebar, this is the method some browsers use, the only problem being that some website on mobile ask you to download their app.

    Another one would be to simply fit the website into the sidebar panel, altho this could create a really messy result, both methods have their pro's and cons.

    I believe the Opera team have already considered the option to fit anything in the sidebar, and my theory is that they want to avoid any of the previously mentioned problems, as such they make sure to add one thing at a time, with the benefits of having a perfect integration.

    Altho i really really want a gmail integration, was really disappointed with the instagram one 😿