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  • I've been an Opera user off and on since the Win 95 days (used to pay $40 for the Ad Free version). I just downloaded and installed the latest version(22.x) a few days ago. I am largely happy with the current version. There is, however, a performance issue. When I open Opera, my current setting to to restore whatever was open at the previous close, it took forever (minutes) to restore the pages (waiting for website). However, when Opera is still "spinning its wheels", I can open any other browser, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and the pages Opera is still waiting come up immediately, no problem refreshing or navigating. I am guessing there is some kind of problem handling cache and or history, wonder if anybody knows.

  • It shouldn't take minutes, but should be relatively quick. Does it always happen? Do you always have the same tabs that you are trying to open? (Maybe one of the sites is a problem for Opera 22, because of browser sniffing or some other issue). How many tabs? What Operating System are you using? Do you meet the minimum resources for Opera 22?

  • I know it shouldn't take minutes, I am running W 8.1 and the system has plenty of power. The reason I think there may be an issue with history or cache flushing is this happens every time when tabs are "restored", but if I close everything (with nothing to restore when open) and reopen the same sites as new, they are fine. I think I mention in my initial post that when Opera was spinning, I can open all of the sites that Opera was waiting on and no other browser had any problem. BTW, these are sites that are so common that Opera should not have problem (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, Bloomberg..

  • I have something similar, since recently. Using 24.0.1558.3 I am having problems with tab displays. I was 'cleaning up' i.e. deleting unused or just closing tabs that are on the bookmarks bar. Quite suddenly the tabs would not go away!! i.e. they remained there even though I had "x-ed" them. Didn't happen until I had done a few (about 5) tabs.
    Now I have more and more display issues - such as the screen up/down arrows are gone! but work if I hover over the black line on the RHS side of the page; the back/forward arrows are not showing (i.e they remain grey but are working!! Tabs don't go away, as I said, I have to right click and close them to make them disappear.

    Won't load sites from the bar; when a site is open it says about:blank instead of the URL.

    Worst of all - I thought to re-download on the basis I might have finger problems and have set something different, BUT, Opera won't download, the "if it doesn't start" page appears and says 'try again' but it still doesn't load....

    Agh!! help please quite frustrating. If I just 'new tab>speed dial>enter a google terms such as Opera Forums it loads......