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  • Personally, I need at least twice as much and I'm not even using 40% of the vertical real estate on my monitor, so I completely miss the point of this gratuitous limitation...

    Can you please unlock the number of workspaces that can be created, or provide a rationale why it makes sense to have no more than 5 workspaces?


  • #workspaces #icons

    Yeah, that would be great. And I want to expand this request by asking about icons.
    Why there are just few of them? There are "food", "travel", "books" - just typical stuff.

    But what if my conent is not about travelling or food? I want to make not usual workspace,
    some random shapes without any meaning would help. I'm a musician also, so I'm waiting for "music" icon.
    Please expand workspaces and provide more icons - the idea is great, though!

  • I just switched over to opera as my main browser specifically for this feature, and I am wondering the same thing... Also would be nice if we could use custom icons.

  • I don't know what's the reason for this limitation.. I mean, why not 4, or 6, but exactely 5? 😃 Would love to know. Even more, would love to see the limitation go away. If there's a fan of arbitrary limitations, 1000 looks like a nice, round number imho. Wha do you think? XD

  • @namero999 In first dev/beta version Opera with this function, we have add max 6 workspace. I don't know why we have max 5 workspace in first stable Opera with workspace. Personally, I wouldn't mind if more could be added. Anyone from the Opera could say why it was limited to 6 and later changed to 5?

    BTW. If You add more elements to the sidebar than it could contain, then You can scroll it with the mouse scroll.

  • The last update didn't increase the number of available workspaces. This is literally a constant in the code.

    Can we please have more workspaces? It's a limitation that makes a useful feature, useless.

  • Agree. Only 5 workspaces is a big limitation for this feature. Please, let user as more spaces as ones wants.

  • Unfortunately, Opera 70 doesn't increase the number of workspaces yet. I am trying to playing with the configuration file and see if it is possible to force something at this point.

  • Same here. I see it as an unnecessary limitation. Random shapes are a good idea in my opinion. But first things first, just unlock the limit for now, please. 1000 or 1024 seems good.

  • Yes - Please more than 5 workspaces. Up to 8 or 10 would be enough!
    Currently my last fifth workspaces is "Misc" which contains the missing 5-8 categories 😞

  • It would be nice to have more, although it would be mentally taxing for most people. Five categories in a given context is pretty much the capacity of human mind.

    Here are my worspaces, you might get inspired by it to find something that works for you.


  • I mean it's not mandatory to have more than 5. If you can't deal with more than 5, don't create more than 5.

    But there's no point in limiting the amount of workspaces for those, and there are many, who need more than 5....

  • @radekpilich Nice that it works for you, but some of us don't want to use it for that, but rather for switching context.

    I'm a freelancer. I'm currently working on 3, sometimes 4 projects. It helps me waste less time if I can keep my tabs between sessions of working on the same project.

    What I'd like to do:

    • One workspace for each project
    • One workspace for organizational stuff (time trackers, issue trackers, etc); or better, one for each client (currently that would be 2).
    • One for talking to and looking for prospects (or jobs; I like being a freelancer but I would be open to the right offer).

    Unrelated: seems you're using each workspace for 3 different categories? That pretty much demolishes your argument and looks confusing as heck.

  • @radekpilich

    Yeah, thank you for your answer and concerns, but what do you know about my mind capacity? As @namero999 points - limiting the amount is not a way out, nobody forces you to create more than 5 if you have problems with dealing with it.

  • So I more or less switched to Opera for this one feature alone, workspaces make a huge difference to me.

    But the random 5 workspace limit is killing me - can we please please increase it?

    At a glance I don't see any other browser that offers something as nice as workspaces, but if Opera doesn't increase the limit from 5 then I'll be switching as soon as something else comes along.

    FWIW, I don't think there should be any limit whatsoever. But I could make do with 10 probably.

  • Having tried to hack my way through this pointless limitation, I've figured that it might be a bad code architecture decision.

    By scanning the different configuration files I've found that the workspaces are actually defined numerically, that is, workspace_1, workspace_2 etc... as opposed to have a generic workspaces structure defined as an unbound set. So, in order to keep things manageable, they had to put this limitation in place.

    This was probably a feature given to an intern or junior dev, based on how trivially it has been implemented. To refactor this, they'll need to put some non-trivial effort into it, so my expectations of this happening are really low. I just cannot understand how this could pass the review of a project owner, honestly.

    Same boat here, as a long time Opera user eventually converted to Chrome, they have won me back just because of the workspaces... but already looking for a better implementation of this great idea somewhere else...

    If there was a way to contribute code to this, I'd do it myself.

  • That's interesting. Hopefully they see this thread and - rubbish implementation or not - can at least copy and paste those a few more times so we have a more useable limit! 🙂

    It's a shame because it's such a great feature otherwise.

  • Okay, just another thing on this topic:

    Maybe we can start from having more icons to choose?
    There is a "food" and a "plane" icon, yeah - nice. But maybe I'm a music producer and need to have a "music" icon? What with people who are doing different stuff?

  • From today's Opera Developer 73 release changelog:

    DNA-88682 Increase the number of allowed workspaces to the number of available icons

  • That is an amazing news! Thanks Opera! This should bring the number of available worskspaces to 24.