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Allow more than 5 workspaces

  • Personally, I need at least twice as much and I'm not even using 40% of the vertical real estate on my monitor, so I completely miss the point of this gratuitous limitation...

    Can you please unlock the number of workspaces that can be created, or provide a rationale why it makes sense to have no more than 5 workspaces?


  • #workspaces #icons

    Yeah, that would be great. And I want to expand this request by asking about icons.
    Why there are just few of them? There are "food", "travel", "books" - just typical stuff.

    But what if my conent is not about travelling or food? I want to make not usual workspace,
    some random shapes without any meaning would help. I'm a musician also, so I'm waiting for "music" icon.
    Please expand workspaces and provide more icons - the idea is great, though!

  • I just switched over to opera as my main browser specifically for this feature, and I am wondering the same thing... Also would be nice if we could use custom icons.

  • I don't know what's the reason for this limitation.. I mean, why not 4, or 6, but exactely 5? 😃 Would love to know. Even more, would love to see the limitation go away. If there's a fan of arbitrary limitations, 1000 looks like a nice, round number imho. Wha do you think? XD

  • @namero999 In first dev/beta version Opera with this function, we have add max 6 workspace. I don't know why we have max 5 workspace in first stable Opera with workspace. Personally, I wouldn't mind if more could be added. Anyone from the Opera could say why it was limited to 6 and later changed to 5?

    BTW. If You add more elements to the sidebar than it could contain, then You can scroll it with the mouse scroll.

  • The last update didn't increase the number of available workspaces. This is literally a constant in the code.

    Can we please have more workspaces? It's a limitation that makes a useful feature, useless.

  • Agree. Only 5 workspaces is a big limitation for this feature. Please, let user as more spaces as ones wants.

  • Unfortunately, Opera 70 doesn't increase the number of workspaces yet. I am trying to playing with the configuration file and see if it is possible to force something at this point.

  • Same here. I see it as an unnecessary limitation. Random shapes are a good idea in my opinion. But first things first, just unlock the limit for now, please. 1000 or 1024 seems good.

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