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  • @avl why not both can exist at the same time? why it has to be one or the other? instant search feature should be enhanced in my honest opinion. we should be able to search in tabs, bookmarks, history, extensions, under the hood shortcuts, web search with custom search engines, etc.

    another option I can think of -and I believe this can be a bit more sustainable in your part; is using the enhanced address bar in a similar way. like how firefox did. you can make it bigger on focus and look (maybe) and behave similarly to the spotlight in macos? I really liked the enhanced address bar and maybe it can become a very cool feature and make everyone happy?

  • @avl Are you sure you analyzed the data correctly? The most useful usage of instant search was not clicking through at all - so there is a chance you overlooked the true usage metrics of the feature.

    e.g. using google to translate, do calculations, or getting an answer straight on the Google feed without clicking through.... That was the true power of instant search but it's hard to measure as there are no clicks to analyze.

  • @Product-Manager I could even clear all my doubts while watching a fullscreen video. It was the dream.

  • Why the google Instant search was removed, in version 68?
    I use it a lot.

  • @jhoguinal google is evil

  • the alt space shortcut open a windows menu ๐Ÿ˜ž
    i cant find in the configuration the option instant search neither to reconfigure the shortcut

  • Awww, seriously? Instant Search was the best Being able to alt+space to lookup a word or whatever else was seriously so convenient. I really, really hope it gets brought back. Would love to see it integrated with Tab Search, as some users are suggesting. Until then, I'm seeeriously considering staying at v67 until I hear that it's back. Gosh, I'm so bummed.

  • Please bring this feature back or atleast give an option to enable and disable via flags.
    This was the best thing about Opera.

  • @avl we need instant search back. at last, put a shortcut (TAB KEY for example) in search-in-tabs, to revive this awesome feature.
    Its inacceptable ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @avl Its a shame its gone, you already see these many people complaining that search-in-tabs is more useless compared to instant search. A standalone feature like that should not be removed. We the users want it, I use it on a daily basis and if not for it, opera is pretty meaningless. Honestly I use sidebar and VPN less than the instant search.

  • I'm using Firefox now. My muscle memory for instant search was the only thing holding me back, but now that that's gone, I might as well just use a browser that's more widely supported.

  • @avl thanks for let me know you're ruing the experience, moving out to an older version and block autoupdates

  • @federr7 same here. Staying on v67 and blocking auto-update.

  • Itยดs essential for my use

  • @opera-singer Actually, in the end, Vivaldi is a pretty great alternative. It's like Opera would be, if they cared.

  • I am seriously enraged by this action. Removing this shortcut without even allowing it to be optionally turned back on is a grave mistake. This was THE core feature that made me pick opera above other available browsers. Also, it was the main reason I recommended it to my friends and family. I can not comprehend the logic of "not enough people using it" to be the sole argument for removal of this feature. A lot of features are not used on a daily basis by the average Joe, yet somehow you decided to get rid of this particular tool.
    As for staying on previous versions of the browser - you gotta realise that guys who decide not to update the browser are going to be at risk for safety, because alongside questionable development choices every new browser version patches the possible security gaps. That means whether someone was to create a comparison of the browser's safety, these users could prove your product to be inferior.
    Opera, please, bring back the instant search box as a optional feature and stop forcing me instagram feed on my favorite and most important tool every time you update.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @avl I'm saddened by this decision, to remove the instant search feature, as it was the one that made me use Opera above other browsers,as well as a built in whatsapp web, speed and security. Although I don't think I'll switch browsers, I will change to a prior version of Opera. Hopefully in later builds we will see this feature back.

    Anyways, thank you for this statement.
    Have a nice day

  • @avl I'm sorry but your explanation seems to be nonsensical. The instant search might not have been very widely used but it was obviously a very important feature for at least more conscious users, myself included. I tried various browsers but always came back to Opera above all because of this one feature.
    Now, why did you feel obliged to remove this particular feature whereas Opera certainly has so many other features which are used just as seldom or even more rarely? I could understand if you set it to off by default to unclutter the sidebar but left a switch to bring it back. However, I can't understand removing it completely, not leaving us a choice. I do recommend analysing the users' feedback again and bringing the feature back.

  • @avl , I will add to the crescendo of voices that this was one of the important factors on why Opera is on my machines. Please bring it back. I was one of those people who hadn't used it much until this year, but now use it all the time. Your tab search has nothing to do with an Internet search. I often have over 3 dozen tabs open, but I can tell what they are. Please bring Instant Search back, ASAP.