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Webpages loading very slow since windows migrated to 1909

  • Hi,
    Is anyone else experience issue with very long webpage loading after windows migration to 1909 ?
    I experience 5sec lag after I type webpage address and hit enter. It's applicable for any webpage.

    So far to resolve problem I tried below but unfortunatelly no luck:

    • I changed DNS configuration in OS.
    • Reinstall opera to newest version.
    • Clear opera cashe.
    • Compare to other webbrowsers at the same OS and it seems only opera has this issue.

    I would be grateful for any hints because I am running out if ideas.

  • @umbro

    Hardware acceleration on/off?
    Third-party antivirus?
    Some background process acessing disk (in case you have old, spinning HDD)?

    Try with clean profile (Opera portable)?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for quick reply.

    Hardware acceleration is on.
    I don't use third-party antyvirus , just windows defender with default settings.
    HDD is not used at all - I also use SSD disk.

    I just checked opera portable and is has exactly the same problem. However windows edge, chrome works just great.

  • btw - I can see a little improvement when I turn off hardware accelleration.

  • Quite strange.

    You didn't tell about Opera internal VPN - I hope it is off, otherwise next questions and ideas would be a bit pointless.

    Do opera internal pages (settings, bookmarks, opera://flags) open quickly?
    Does page refresh (F5, Ctrl+F5) happen quick or having similar delay?

    If refresh is slow also, then there should be some performance tools in Opera Developer Tools. I have not used them (can't give more hints), but they should be able measure page elements loading timing. If refresh is always quick, then probably dev tools are not helpful.

    About possible network problems - just to experiment.

    In (windows) network proxy settings - have you some proxy or auto-detection active? Well, this should affect all browsers, not only Opera, but it is easy to check 🙂

    If you are familiar with some networking (or http/https) basic, then Fiddler is one nice application, allowing to see every connection (with timing and errors etc), what browser makes. You could at least get to know, is browser delaying before first connection or while fetching data - or compare with chrome/edge traffic or similar.

  • @donq
    I am aware that VPN may slow down internet connection , however I don't use it at all.

    About opera://flags, it open very quick. Refresh also open that page immediately.

    My network is very stable because I use cable.

    There must be typically opera reason why it loads webpages so slow as I mentioned before: edge, chrome works just great. It's opera specific case and I really can't find the reason. I woudn't abandon that webbrower because I really like it and it's very useful for me but at the moment because of the loading time it's not comfortable to use.

    Maybe my cpu is too poor ? I got intel i5 2400.

  • @umbro
    Sure it is Opera problem, just all this topic doesn't hint at the real cause yet - is it some network problem (like Opera does ask about site safety from its server initially) or configuration issue (like Opera searches something from disconnected drive or similar).

  • Same thing happening with me after the update I am a website developer for [one two gamer](link url) and its bee very slow.