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Please add a "Disable Updates/Auto-Updates completly"

  • These updates sometimes break my Opera setup and i lose alot of time fixing the mess which in my case costs money because i cant continue my work (Emails, Analytics etc etc)

    Mostly Extensions break after some patches like the V7 Bookmarks Bar for example.

    Since Opera has no own good Bookmark Bar i have to use this Extension for my daily business.

    Removing updates_services or deleting files is no option for me....

    Honestly i want to be able to disable Opera Updates completely until i decide to resume.

    Please implement this.

    p.s finally i just learned as a temporary solution to add

    "--disable-update" to the Launcher.exe --disable-update, after creating a shortcut.

    better than nothing.... a Setup Option would be nicer.

  • Good point, would be useful to have such an option right in the update settings, and to choose myself when I update my browser and when not. Good point !

  • @flaviu2 Thank, but this should be implementet since years i would say.

    i dont understand why Opera, Chrome etc torture their business customers with these forced updates...

  • @domovnik I know what they say and think: from security reason ... but I guess they must let you decide when to update your browser. Definitely.

  • It describes clearly, with reasons that it would be interesting to have it implemented on