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Show size of downloaded files and shortcut for hiding bookmarks bar

  • Hello everyone! I have 2 suggestions:

    1. Add the size of the downloaded file to the download interface. Where we see the inscription "Download completed" there is really not enough size of this downloaded file.
    2. After a long time I used Chrome, I noticed in Opera that the bookmarks bar turns off completely when you uncheck the "Show bookmarks bar" box. In Chrome, the bookmarks bar continues to appear on the main home page (in the case of Opera, this is an express panel). Therefore, I propose to do it in Opera as well, it’s quite convenient to navigate your bookmarks from the bookmark panels.
      And I’m so used to the Ctrl + Shift + B hot keys for hiding / showing the bookmarks bar, I had to set the same keys for this in Opera settings. It's good that Opera allows you to set your own keyboard shortcuts. But by default, the Hide / Show Bookmark Bar feature does not have any keyboard shortcuts configured at all. I didn’t really like this either, but I could solve it on my own at least.
  • @leocg said in Show size of downloaded files and shortcut for hiding bookmarks bar:

    Next time please read

    Was reading. I didn’t find such offers in the forum search. And what did I do wrong?
    UPD: Ahh, I think I realized right away I have two sentences in one topic. Sorry, I thought not to litter the forum, because I did two in one ..

  • @scrpin1 Basically two not related suggestions in the same topic. But you also didn't say why tour suggestions should be implemented.

  • @leocg Yes, I already understand. To blame. I just wanted to reduce the number of topics created and put it all in one.
    As to why these proposals should be implemented. Because it is convenient and I believe that it will be better to use. Especially in the chrome source, the bookmarks bar works exactly as I described. Well, the file size in downloads is a very small thing, a trifle that you also want to see in the interface. All browsers display the size of already downloaded files in the download interface. Even in the same chromium source.