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Why does Opera keep signing me out of everything?

  • Every week or so, when I start Opera, it opens the "setup complete" Welcome page and signs me out of literally everything. How do I make this not happen?

  • @keepmesignedinyoutwats Welcome page usually means that an update has happened. It shouldn't cause issues.

  • @leocg
    The updates kick me out of all my signed sessions, then. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Is there a way to do something about this?

  • @keepmesignedinyoutwats You can try cleaning up cookies and see if the problem still happens in the next update.

  • It was happening the same for me after an update, I opted to reset to default settings, and apparently all came back to normal, but not only after I have to reconfigure a lot of options.... but it payed off, hope this could be useful.

  • Edit to a previous comment: So after a few times that my browser kept me looged in, now it is signing me out again, even from this forum, cannot recognize my account, I have to type it all over again.... so this is a problem of this last update I think, and hope that this could be solved in next versions, but my experience says that if something fails with the browser, we have to learn to live with it, I have sent some problem reports before and none of them have been solved...sad

  • @obelia Do you have sync enabled?

  • @leocg Yes I always have, but since a last update, I have to log in for the forum, and it doesn´t even recognize this account, I have to type it again. It is a very unusual behavior with this browser, and apparently I am not the only one having this issues. I usually don't use the autofill option, but the auto sign-in, and this is the one that it is not working in my experience. I am changing to use the autofill passwords, but is not my preferred and first option.

  • @obelia What do you mean by don't recognize this account?

    Can you logout from Sync and see if the issue happens again?

  • @leocg I am logging in again, and apparently when I reinstalled Opera or maybe when I reset my settings to default, the delete cookies after closing Opera option was enabled, so apparently this fixed the problem...
    What do you mean by don't recognize this account? > When I go to Opera Forums page, it usually offered to log in with your sync account but that was no longer the case, I still don´t know if this was solved.
    I will post again only if the problem continues, thanks for your help.

  • I have this issue continuously.. even when I havent updated anything..

    Im assuming its a bug with the browser as it happens too often and no one seems to have a genuine answer (other than clear your cookies or reinstall the browser)..

    At the end of the day.. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt which I hardly think is a fault of your own.. I have other issues with the browser which are intermittent and that no one seems to have an answer for..

    Nether the less, I still use it lol..

  • @nerbor411 Already tried the solution above?

  • Unfortunately, when I logged in for sync again, the problem is still the option for deleting cookies after closing Opera was only part of the problem, but not the most important.

    Hope that this could give you more hints to find a permanent solution.

  • @obelia Maybe sync is bringing back some setting that is causing the issue?

  • @leocg Now I am not really sure what happened, maybe it was, but I always had selected not deleting cookies after closing Opera...anyway, after a lot of trials (logging out and in again, selecting everytime the preferences as I wanted to be), the settings were finally set as I always have them before the problem, and now it is working fine again...unfortunately I am not able to say which was the real solution for this problem, the only I could suggest is to try to reset settings to default, reconfigure the settings, and log out and log in to see if something changes...good luck with that.

  • @leocg Yes auto-update does cause issues! It logged me out of all my accounts, then set me up to my Chrome log-ins instead. So I had to recover my passwords, then it logged me out again when I closed Opera. Auto-update is the suck! And the method to stop it is bullshit. I am a writer, not a coder. I just want my browser to work!

    Is that too much to ask?

  • Somebody said you have to go into Settings to stop freaking auto-logout, but didn't say where. Now I have to recover all of my goddamned passwords again, because Opera decides to not save some passwords for no freaking reason. Nobody asked me to automatically update Opera. I'm not interested in getting into Source Code and rebuilding the browser from scratch. I have WORK to do and my entire life is on-hold trying to solve this crap. Do I have to go back to Firefox?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I had the same problem, I could solve it by activating an option:

    Settings > On Start Up > Retain tabs from previous session

    I think that should be other way, but this works

  • Ok so i'm googling this problem and every forum is only viewing it in the scope of a specific browser, however I downloaded Opera because this was happening in Chrome. I have retain tabs turned on however if one of them is youtube, it brings the video back up and i'm now signed out of youtube. I'm using the GX browser also so all the apps on the side bar of the browser have to be logged back in to each time as well. This is super frustrating and it has to be something more than just browser settings.

  • yeah, it happen to me for 10 frickin time, i have 7 email registered in opera browser, and everyday i need to relogin back after the computer shutdown. thats really sucks opera